Alberta Schools' Athletic Association

Basketball Ranking Committee 2014 - 2015

Please click below to see the ranking guidelines that the ranking committees follow when determining rankings for each period.

Ranking Guidelines

Wildcard berths at ASAA basketball provincials are based on rankings.  As per policy, all teams must enter their scores on the ExNet basketball ranking system. The following ranking committee members will review the scores and determine the rankings according to the timeline in policy.

As per policy, the commissioners will serve as the chair for all committees, but as non-voting members.  The chairs will coordinate, tabulate and apply tie-breaking procedures to the rankings.

 Boys Basketball Commissioner:  Jeromy Hall

Highwood High

Bag 14

High River AB T1V 1S1

Phone 403-652-5500       

    Fax 403-652-1397                         



North (NE, NW, Edmonton)

Central (NC, C)
(except 1A & 2A where this region includes Edmonton)

South (SC, S, Calgary)





Daryn Galatiuk

Glendon School

P 780-635-3881

F 780-635-4176

Scott Peterson

Hay Lakes School

P 780-878-3368

F 780-878-3500

Jeff Van Raalte

Coaldale Christian

P 403-345-4055

F 403-345-6436



David Harder

La Crete Public

P 780-928-3913

F 780-928-3000

Darren Graham

Millwoods Christian

P 780-462-2627

F 780-462-9322

Ravinder Grewal

West Island College

P 403-255-5300 x299

F 403-252-1434




Evan Holstein

St. Albert Catholic

P 780-459-7781

F 780-458-7912

Rob Cross

Wetaskiwin Composite

P 780-352-2295

F 780-352-7319

Sam Aiello

Holy Trinity Academy

P 403-938-2477

F 403-938-6077






Rural (SC, C, NE, NW)


Jeremy Posteraro

St. Francis Xavier

P 780-489-2571

F 780-486-2564


Mike McFarland

Bishop Grandin

P 403-500-2056

F 403-500-2247

Chad Watson

Medicine Hat High

P 403-527-3371

F 403-529-2247

Michael Sera

Bert Church

P 403-948-3800

F 403-948-7496



Girls Basketball Commissioner: Janice Laing

Monsignor McCoy High

202-8 St NE

Medicine Hat AB T1A 5R6

Phone 403-527-8161      

    Fax 403-527-8209                         



North (NE, NW, Edmonton)

Central (NC, Central)
(except 1A & 2A where this region includes Edmonton)

South (SC, S, Calgary)




Brittany Partington

St. Jerome School

P 780-853-5251


F 780-853-4343

Peter Molesky

Saint Mary High School

P 780-349-3644

F 780-349-6126

Nathan Hodgson

Bassano School

P 403-641-3577

F 403-641-4158




Brad Harrop

Glenmary H.S.

P 780-624-5656

F 780-624-3730

Garnet DuGray

Rimbey Jr./Sr. H.S.

P 403-843-3761

F 403-843-4111

Laurel Adolphe

Rundle College

P 403-250-7180

F 403-250-7184




Brady Van Ry

Edmonton Christian

P 780-408-7945

F 780-454-0793

Wade Hicks

Edwin Parr Composite

P 780-675-2285

F 780-675-3544

Curt Colfer

Highwood High

P 403-652-5500

F 403-652-1397






Rural (SC, C, NE, NW)


John Dedrick

St. Albert Catholic

P 780-459-7781

F 780-458-7912

Sheldon Brady

Western Canada

P 403-228-5363

F 403-777-7089

Darren Miller

Catholic Central

P 403-327-4596

F 403-320-8896

Kathy Lalor

Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive

P 403-314-2020

F 403-309-4108