Alberta Schools' Athletic Association

Important Dates and Deadlines

February 1

Nomination deadline for Alberta High School Sports Hall of Fame and Routledge Award

February 8

Deadline to add additional students to Basketball, Cheerleading, Curling and Wrestling rosters

ASAA News and Information

2014/15 Basketball

Eligible Teams List for 2014/15 updated as of January 19 with all teams that opted up

FIBA Rule Changes for 2014/15 Season Memo to all Schools

FIBA Rule Changes PowerPoint

2014/15 Cheerleading

Eligible Teams List for 2014/15

2014/15 Curling

Eligible Teams List for 2014/15

2014/15 Wrestling

Eligible Teams List for 2014/15


SUBWAY® Restaurants Raises Nearly $200,000.00 for Athletic Programs in Alberta Schools

Click here to read the article

School Coach Survey: assist Ottawa professor who is examining coaching related issues by completing a survey

Seldom do we have the opportunity of a university level research project being conducted in an effort to support school athletics. The ASAA, as a member of School Sport Canada, is requesting that teacher-coaches across Alberta take the time to complete the survey at the link below.

Dr. Martin Camiré from the University of Ottawa is overseeing this research project exploring how teacher-coaches believe they can influence the global development of student-athletes and what they perceive to be the benefits and challenges of being a teacher-coach.

Your participation consists of completing an online survey that takes approximately 12 minutes to complete. The survey consists of questions related to a) your demographic information, b) your experiences as a teacher and coach, c) your influence on the development of student-athletes, d) the benefits of teaching and coaching, and e) the challenges associated with being both a teacher and a coach. Your participation can help better our understanding of a) how teacher-coaches can best influence student-athletes in the classroom and gymnasium, b) the realities of teacher-coaches, and c) the situational factors that force many teachers out of coaching.

Healthy School Sporting Events Video

The ASAA has partnered with EverActive Schools and Alberta Health Services to create a new video highlighting the importance of good nutritional offerings at school sporting events. Take a look at the embedded video, which is part of a campaign that encourages individuals to pause and think differently about consuming unhealthy food at school events where healthy habits are the focus. Watch the video and help spread the word about how you can be involved in creating healthy food environments in school, recreation and community settings!



Based on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) decision early this year, from our recent audit - the ASAA has to collect GST from all schools on school membership fees and late registration fees. Schools should be able to obtain their GST back from the CRA; ASAA's GST # is: 10807 0897 RT0001

2014/15 Appeals Hearing Dates

ASAA has brought in new policy with regards to appeals. We will only be hearing appeals on certain dates of the year, which will be heard by an Executive Appeals Committee, made up of current and past ASAA Executive members. These dates have been pre-determined for this year and are also included on your ASAA wall calendars:

Remaining Appeals Hearing Dates are held in Edmonton (unless otherwise stated)

February 25, 2015

May 6, 2015

School Sport PSAs Available for School Use

The ASAA, with the support of School Sport Canada is making available some great posters that your school can print off and use in your school. Schools are welcome to print the following PSAs, or alternatively they can connect with ASAA's graphic designer, James Shrimpton, and he can get your logo placed onto the document for $25 (see example here).

Basketball PSA

Education & Sport PSA

Football PSA

Rugby PSA

Volleyball PSA

Tennis PSA

Alberta Milk Every Moment Scholarship

The Scholarship is awarded annually to 2 students (one of each gender) who 'Milk Every Moment' by achieving a balance in school, home and community life. Applications are due on June 30.

Click here for the scholarship application form.

SUBWAY Fundraising Opportunity

The ASAA is partnering with SUWAY Restaurants to offer a fundraising opportunity to our schools. Schools can buy SUBWAY Peel-a-deal cards for $2 from the ASAA, and sell within their schools for $10 each. Each card offers the user over $70 in savings at SUBWAY restaurants. Cards are valid until June 20, 2015 and can be ordered by clicking here.

Survey Results Regarding Rugby and Track & Field Provincial Championship Dates

You can download the analysis of the Survey regarding Rugby and Track & Field Provincial Championship Dates with analysis of student registrations in ExNet and at Provincials. Click Here to Download.

ASAA Spectator Code of Conduct Banner

ASAA Commissioners and staff have created a new ASAA Spectator Code of Conduct banner that will be hung at all provincial championships and schools will also have the ability to purchase a banner and add their school name or logo. Please click on the link below for pricing and ordering information.

Spectator Code of Conduct Banner Information

Banner Template

Coaching Educational Resources

Engaging Effectively with Parents Course now free!

ASAA is proud to announce that the online course - Engaging Effectively with Parents - is now free. Available since the launch of in 2011, this course provides input and strategies for dealing with difficult situations that may arise as part of coaching. Check out for more information.

Safety Guidelines for Secondary Interschool Athletics

The Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research has published the most recent iteration of their Safety Guidelines resource. Click here to access a free PDF or check out the LRC to purchase a hard copy. Note: You will require a copy of this manual to complete the online Safety Guidelines course from - AVAILABLE NOW!

Concussion Course in Group Settings

A number of schools have asked if they can take advantage of a PD day to have all of their coaches take the concussion course in a group with the course being shown on a projector. Yes, this can be done – but in order to ensure ASAA can track which coaches have completed the course you will be required to send a list of all of the coaches who were present for the course, and it must be signed off by your principal. Please fill out a list of all names in the provided template (accessible by clicking here) along with all of the requested information and send the completed template to

Memos to Schools

Rugby memo, February 2009

Rugby memo, June 2009

Sport Specific School Programs/ Courses/ Academies Policy June 09

Volleyball Net Rule Change September 2009

U16 Rugby Club Play Memo November 2009

Rugby Tours Memo December 2009

Rugby memo, September 2010

Volleyball Official Game Ball Memo February 2011

Team Handball Rule Changes February 2012

Golf Memo Re: Scoring, September 2013

Wrestling Memo, November 2013

Concussion Course Memo, January 2014

News and information from other groups

ParticipACTION Teen Challenge Grant Opportunity

Teen Challenge aims to inspire Canadians aged 13-19 to become more active and to help youth challenge themselves and their friends to get moving. Striving to eliminate the inactivity crisis in Canada, Teen Challenge helps youth to take initiative and identify creative, exciting ways to add daily activity into their lives. Need funding for these initiatives? Community organizations, schools, charities, and not-for-profit organizations may apply for grants several times within a year, pending funding availability.Visit the Teen Challenge website to apply