Robert H. Routledge

Robert H. Routledge

A key figure at the inauguration of the Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association

in 1956, Bob had been a constant guiding force its policies and activities. He believed in the beneficial effects to adults and youth alike of properly directed sports and athletics. He sought to involve as many boys and girls as possible in sports programs: to stress courtesy and sportsmanship above winning; to consider first the health, fitness, intellectual and emotional growth of the participants.

Bob’s personal accomplishments as a physical educator are well known. From rural school teacher with a liking for sports and gymnastics, he progressed to Provincial Recreation Supervisor, to high school physical educator, to Assistant Supervisor of Physical Education with the Edmonton Public School Board and finally to Professor of Physical Education, University of Alberta, with his doctorate pending at the time of his passing (April 25, 1970).

His integrity and sincerity were evident, and his enthusiasm for his work infectious. No wonder that his peers listened to his opinions with great respect and sought his advice. With his deep belief in the importance of his job, Bob combined a feeling for words, a unique ability to turn a phrase neatly, with a quick intellect that relished statistical accuracy. These qualities made him invaluable as a policy maker and parliamentarian not only of ASAA but of the numerous associations both local and national to which, as a person with a deep sense of professional responsibility, he belonged.

“God’s finger touched him, and he slept.” - Tennyson

The Robert H. Routledge award is presented annually in the recognition of outstanding service to the students of Alberta schools in the promotion and operation of an athletic program.

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