Zone Award of Merit

In 2002, the first Zone Awards of Merit were presented to six recipients from five zones for outstanding contributions to their zone. Zone secretaries, in consultation with members of the zones, nominate deserving individuals for this award. A presentation is made to each recipient during the evening banquet held in conjunction with the Annual Planning Meeting in December each year.

Application Deadline: October 1, Annually

Year Calgary
Calgary North East North Central North West South South Central Central Edmonton
2015 Brian Bridal Not Awarded Phil Meagher Mike McAndrews Dean Rook Janice Laing Tricia McCambly Kathy Lalor Kate Greabeiel
2014 Joel Chalifoux Romel Raffin Jim Salsbury Daniel Hein Brad Harrop Pat Pyne
Toby Boulet
Not Awarded Andy Lyster Craig Harle
2013 Not Awarded Paul D’Angelo Daryn Galatiuk Daniel Leis Perry Schofield Mike Myndio Melvyn Wade Stephen Lush Not Awarded
2012 Not Awarded Bill Bobenic
Viv Toffolo
Terry King Kelle Hansen Erin Martin Karl Heibert Leslie Larson Brent Anderson Angela Cochrane
George Hoyt
2011 Not Awarded Lance Humeniuk
Tom Parker
Kim Boehme Tim Shultz Not Awarded Ross Blackmer Nathan Hodgson Larry Sorensen Mark Rose
Hal Souster
2010 Not Awarded Dean Sawatzky Hank Smid Darcy Romaniuk Darcy Younghans Ritch Braun Kent Drever Kevin Assenheimer Brian Buchynski
Ron Kutney
2009 Not Awarded Kevin Pelehos Maurice Richard Don Zimmer Jackie Ristesund
Gord Ivey
Dallen Leavitt
Darryl Christensen
Bill Young Dawn McKay Not Awarded
2008 Not Awarded Myron Masterson Parrish Tung Gary Thomson
Myron Buryn
Irene Friesz Ken Gabruck Not Awarded Shawna Pearman
Hugh Nester
Not Awarded
2007 Not Awarded Not Awarded Gordon McNeill Kent Lessard Tom Landsman
Tim Shultz
John Seaman Kyle Larson Steve Latta Not Awarded
2006 Not Awarded Al Taylor Not Awarded Gayle Lamothe Not Awarded Craig Patton Brian Utley Lionel Leiske Jim Lazaruk