Unified Basketball

Special Olympics Unified Basketball

Welcome to the third year of Unified Basketball in Alberta! Following a successful trial last year, Unified Basketball will be halfcourt, 3-on-3 again this year.

Tournaments, Festivals, and Other Games

Similar to previous years, there will be two Unified Basketball tournaments/festivals hosted by the ASAA; one in Edmonton and one in Calgary. These will take place in mid-late May and will run during school hours (Unified events typically run 10:00 am to 2:30 pm). More information on these events will be distributed and posted on this webpage as it is finalized. Note that this information is sent out to the Athletic Director(s) in each member high school. If you are not an Athletic Director and wish to receive this information, please contact Shanna.

Are you interested in hosting an event prior to the end of May? Please contact Shanna for more information on what support is available for hosting.

New this year: To facilitate teams playing games against other schools prior to the Unified Basketball events, we will post the names and contact information for schools looking to organize games on this webpage. To be added to this list, please fill out this survey.

Team Composition

There will always be exactly two athletes (students with intellectual disabilities) and one partner (student without an intellectual disability) on the court at all times. Note that students with physical disabilities will be classified as either an athlete or a partner depending on whether or not they have an intellectual disability as well.

There is no maximum number of students per team. However, please note that game time at the Edmonton and Calgary events will be short (10-15 minutes depending on the number of teams registered), so we suggest 2-3 lines per team in order for all students to be able to play.

Basketball Skills Assessment Test (BSAT) Scores

For the ASAA hosted events in May, all teams are required to submit BSAT scores for all players (athletes and partners) with registration.

Rationale: BSAT scores are used to separate teams into divisions based on skill level. Divisioning is essential to accommodate the growth of Unified Basketball while striving to provide all students with the opportunity to participate at a skill level suitable to each individual. We will calculate the BSAT score average for each team, and then the teams will be divisioned so that they are only playing against other teams with similar BSAT scores. If you have more than one team, please do your best to create your teams based on skill level in order for your students to play at a level most suitable to them during competition.

The BSAT with written instructions of both assessments is posted below. If you have any questions about the drills, please contact Shanna prior to any registration deadlines.

Volunteers Needed!

Due to the increase in participation, more volunteers are needed for Unified Basketball events! Volunteer roles will include scorekeepers, referees, and other general duties. The volunteer referees do not require a certification, but a strong background in basketball is necessary. Please contact shanna@asaa.ca if you are interested in volunteering!

For more information on Unified Basketball or to host an event at your schools, please contact shanna@asaa.ca or (780) 422-895


Congratulations to Hussain from Lester B. Pearson High School for winning CTV Calgary’s Athlete of the Week!