Unified Basketball

Unified Basketball

Team Composition:

There must be two athletes and one partner from each team on the court at all times. We suggest each team should have a minimum of two playable lines (four athletes and two partners), and there is no maximum number of students per team or maximum number of teams that a school can create.

Schools can in no way limit participation of partners on their Unified Basketball teams to students who played on their varsity basketball team. In fact, students who didn’t play on their school team should be enouraged to play. Students who play on high school sports teams are permitted to participate in Unified, but participation should be approached from a whole-school, all-inclusive perspective.

Edmonton Unified Basketball Event Pictures (2016)

Tournament Dates:

Tournaments for the 2017/18 school year TBA. If you are interested in hosting a game or tournament, please contact shanna@asaa.ca

Important information:

Due to increased interest and to accommodate smaller schools, Unified Basketball will be run in a 3 vs 3, halfcourt format this year. Teams will be divisioned by skill level prior to the tournaments based on the cumulative score of all team members (athletes and partners) on the Basketball Skills Assessment Test (BSAT). The BSAT is attached below.

For more information on Unified Basketball or to host an event at your schools, please contact shanna@asaa.ca or (780) 422-895


Congratulations to Hussain from Lester B. Pearson High School for winning CTV Calgary’s Athlete of the Week!