Unified Bocce

Unified Bocce

Thank-you to everyone who participated in the Edmonton and Calgary Unified Bocce tournaments in October 2017!
The ASAA will hold Unified Bocce events again next October. Are you interested in hosting your own Unified Bocce event in the summer? Contact Shanna for more information on how to host and what support is availble from the office.

Upcoming Events

Winston Churchill High School Unified Bocce Festival
Date: May 25th, 2018
Please see the information package attached below or contact Jonathan Dick (jonathan.dick@lethsd.ab.ca) for more information
Congratulations to Alia, Serena, and Jack from Delia High School for their Bocce Ball for All project!

For more information on Unified Bocce, please view the past info packages and registration forms below. Do not hesitate to contact shanna@asaa.ca with any questions or for more information on hosting your own Unified event.

Team Composition

Unified Bocce teams are made up of four students (two athletes and two partners).

Edmonton Unified Bocce Pictures (2017)
Edmonton Unified Bocce Pictures (2016)
Calgary Unified Bocce Pictures (2016)