Appetite for Change

We are the athletes. We are the coaches. We are the parents. And we are the Event Hosts.

Arm-in-arm, we are the agents of change, on the frontline in the fight for serving food products at Championship Sporting Events that reflect the very qualities and virtues of athleticism itself.

Together we are demanding better.

We want food served at events that is athlete approved and fuels their performance.

We want a healthier attitude toward nutrition that makes health conscious athletes and their guardians feel welcome at sponsored events.

And we want our partner vendors to recognize that making the change is as sound a business decision as it is, a morally responsible one.

Collectively we form an alliance of good food activists who are campaigning for what we believe is the greater good of our sporting communities.

We are the concerned constituents of Championship Sporting Events and we represent, Appetite For Change.


Appetite for Change came out of a partnership between ASAA and EverActive Schools. The idea behind the project is simple: Our environments shape our eating habits, healthy food environments should exist in settings that promote physical activity participation to reinforce a healthy lifestyle, and wellness is holistic and school wellness needs to be facilitated through a comprehensive school health approach.

Through this partnership a committee was struck to find a way to positively influence the nutritional offerings at ASAA events. The committee’s goals were to guide policy development as we move towards including nutritional requirements for hosting provincial championship events, to develop a clear picture of exactly what is considered appropriate food offerings, and to ensure financial constraints are not a hurdle to good nutrition.
The following was proposed by the committee to the ASAA board and passed for implementation in 2015-16:

All food and beverages sold and provided at ASAA provincial championship events held in ASAA member school facilities must fit within the Choose Most Often and Choose Sometimes categories of the Alberta Nutritional Guidelines for Children and Youth, details of which can be found in the appendix and on the ASAA website.

For tips and resources to help transform your concession click here to visit the Appetite for Change Toolkit on the EverActive Schools website.