ASAA Online

As of January 2, 2013 ASAA member schools must complete all transfer forms and appeals online. In order to start either of these processes, you will need to have your ExNet login credentials. If you do not know your ExNet login credentials, please contact the ASAA office immediately.

For assistance please download the quick reference guide.

Quick Reference Guide.pdf


Students who transfer schools are ineligible for interscholastic competition unless they establish their eligibility for participation. The primary reason for the transfer is for an educational purpose and that the transfer is not being made primarily for an athletic purpose or primarily so that the student can participate in athletics. Students have the onus of establishing to the satisfaction of the ASAA.

This policy applies to any student who has participated at either the Junior Varsity or Senior Varsity level in any ASAA sport before transferring schools. (to be grandfathered in for one year and will become effective for any student athletes who have participated in JV in 2012/13 and transfer after their last ASAA sport of the 2012/13 school year)

A transfer form is not needed if the student has not participated in an ASAA activity for the sending school; however, a transfer form is required for all other transfers.



The purpose of the appeal process is to establish a procedure for applications for the interpretation of ASAA Bylaws and Policies and to establish a procedure for application for exemptions from ASAA Bylaws and Policies.

Appeals of ASAA Bylaws and Policy must be submitted online using this online appeals template. This means all appeal documentation will need to be uploaded electronically and completely before the Executive Appeals Committee will hear the appeal.