2016 Golf Provincials

Boys 3A/4A
1st- Strathcona 4A
2nd- Barrhead 3A
3rd- Chinook 3A

Boys 1A/2A
1st- Rundle 2A
2nd- West Island College 2A
3rd- Our Lady of Mt Pleasant 2A

Boys Individual

Gold Meda Max Murchison Cochrane 3A 75 74 149
Silver Medal Max Sekulic Spirit River 2A 76 73 149
Bronze Medal Matt Campbell West Island College 2A 75 75 150

Girls School Results 3A/4a
1st- St. Francis 4A
2nd- Notre Dame 4A
3rd- Harry Ainlay 4A

Girls School Results 1A/2a
West Island College 2A
Our Lady of Mt Pleasant 2A
Ashmont 2A

Girls Individual
Gold Medal; Sharmaine Rapisura Bishop McNally 82 79 161
Silver Medal Taylor Stone St Francis 90 72 162
Bronze Medal Cassidy Laidlaw St Francis 79 86 165