Please see the schedule below. This year due to the limited amount of time and change facilities teams will be taking pictures in their dress clothes (the ones that they wore to the banquet).

With all of our teams at the Palace and pictures occuring after the lunch, we have arranged the picture schedule based on your first game start time. Teams with boys and girls both at the tournament were put together to allow them time to travel back to their hotel together and get ready for their respective games. Please honor the time that is specified in the schedule.

Each team will receive one complimentary copy for the school. Teams may purchase additional 8 x 10 copies for $10 each. The purchased pictures will include the title of the event, team name and listing of the players and coaches in the picture. The complimentary picture will just be the one sent to ASAA. All pictures will be mailed out after the tournament is completed.

Picture schedule:
1:30 pm - Bearspaw Girls
1:35 pm - Bentley Girls
1:40 pm - Our Lady of the Snows Girls
1:45 pm - Our Lady of the Snows Boys
1:50 pm - Edmonton Christian Girls
1:55 pm - Edmonton Christian Boys
2:00 pm - Mayerthorpe Girls
2:05 pm - Blessed Sacrament Girls
2:10 pm - Blessed Sacrament Boys
2:15 pm - Mallaig Girls
2:20 pm - Mallaig Boys
2:25 pm - Old Scona Girls
2:30 pm - Old Scona Boys
2:35 pm - Clear Water Academy Boys
2:40 pm - Central Boys
2:45 pm - Notre Dame Boys