Emergency Action Plan

In the event that a fire alarm is activated, the Event Manager or highest representativeof the venue will act as Emergency Senior. He/She shall will identify him/herself and instruct two adult volunteers to lead all persons in a given area out of the building and to the nearest outdoor open space.
Once outside, adult volunteers will immediately instruct everyone to remain as a group at all time and take a head count of the number of persons in the group. Report this number to Victor Fung as
well as your Emergency Senior. The Emergency Senior will be the last person to leave the building, once all washrooms, team rooms, gymnasium and hallways have been cleared and doors have been closed.
Establish contact with the Fire Department and once the all-clear is given, instruct everyone to enter the
In the event of an injury, contact the Drawdesk, who will inform the first aid representatives to take action. Any first aid contact beyond band-aids and ice for general aches and pains must be documented in an incident report form.