Spectator Info


  • U of A: Stadium Car Park is avaliable for $14 all day Friday and $5 all day Saturday
  • NAIT: Parking info can be found here http://www.nait.ca/49823.htm. Kingsway Mall is near NAIT but park at your own risk.
  • Harry Ainlay and Louis St. Laurent: Harry Ainlay has free parking in all lots for the duration of provincials. Please do not park in front of Confederation Arena as that is private property.

When traveling to/from NAIT, do not use Groat Road as it will be closed on Saturday.


  • U of A: Chopped Leaf is located beside the Main Gym. The Students’ Union Building (SUB) is directly north of the Van Vliet with vendors such as Subways, Opa!, and Edo.
  • NAIT: no concession at venue but Kingsway Mall is across Princess Elizabeth Ave.
  • Harry Ainlay and Louis St. Laurent: Both schools will have their cafeterias operating. Cash only.

There will be designated viewing areas in all venues. Please stay behind the line to ensure safety for the players and spectators.

A map of the location of venues as well as parking is found in “Map of Venues in Edmonton”.

Below is the breakdown of the events each venue will host:

Friday (1:30-6:30 PM) & Saturday (8:30 AM-12:00 PM)

Round Robin Matches (Friday, Beginning at 1:30 pm)
Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals (Saturday Morning, Beginning at 8:30 am)
Venue Address Event Court Number
U of A
Parking at 116 St and 87 Ave NW
Junior Girls Singles 1, 2
Intermediate Girls Singles 3, 4
Senior Girls Singles 5, 6
Junior Mixed Doubles 7, 8
Intermediate Mixed Doubles 9, 10
NAIT 11762 106 St NW Junior Boys Singles 13, 14
Intermediate Boys Singles 15, 16
Senior Boys Singles 17, 18
Harry Ainlay 4350 111 St NW Junior Girls Doubles 19, 20
Intermediate Girls Doubles 21, 22
Senior Girls Doubles 23, 24
Senior Mixed Doubles 25, 26
Louis St. Laurent 11230 43 Ave NW Intermediate Boys Doubles 27, 28
Senior Boys Doubles 29, 30
Junior Boys Doubles 31, 32

Saturday 12:30-4:30 PM

All Final Games (Saturday, Beginning at 12:00 pm)
(A-Side and B-Side)
Venue Address Event Court Number
U of A
Parking at 116 St and 87 Ave NW
Boys Singles 1, 2
Girls Singles 3, 4
Boys Doubles 5, 6
Girls Doubles 7, 8
Mixed Doubles 9, 10