Emergency Action Plan

In the event of an emergency the facilities manager will contact 9-1-1, stay on the phone with EMS and greet Emergency Responders at the front doors (HJ Cody) / Back Gymnasium doors (Fox Run).
High School Athletic Trainer can assist the team’s medical personnel by:
1) Exercising universal precautions related to blood and bodily fluids.
2) Not moving an injured student athlete, if a student athlete cannot move by him/herself, do not move the body part for him/her.
3) Instructing any bystanders to leave the injured student alone.
4) Not removing the student athlete’s equipment unless emergency treatment is required e.g. CPR or artificial respiration
5) Assess the injury; evaluating the severity of the injury and decide if further assistance is required.
6) If an ambulance is not needed, then decide what action is to be taken to remove the injured student athlete from the playing surface
7) If an ambulance is required: request assistance from the facility manager by having this person call an ambulance with the all relevant information (nature of emergency, precise location, telephone number of location) and have them report back to you with estimated time of arrival, then send them to the access entrance to wait for the ambulance.
8) Once the call has been placed, observe the injured student athlete carefully for any change in condition and try to reassure the injured student until professional help arrives
9) Do not provide the injured student athlete with food or drink, unless otherwise indicated by situation e.g. diabetes, hydration…