Lightning Safety:

The warning system for any lightning in the area will be 1 long blast of an air horn. Play is suspended immediately, players are to mark and leave their ball and all persons are to return to the Clubhouse as quickly as possible. Players will wait at the Clubhouse for further instructions to return to their playing position. When players return, a single blast of the horn will indicate safe conditions for golf and play will continue.


The threat of a player being struck by an object on the course is a real threat. If an object does come in contact with a player while on the course they will be assessed and one of the following actions will be taken:
The marshal will be called and minor first aid will be administered with their first aid kits.
The player will be taken to the clubhouse for further first aid with more supplies available.
Emergency Services will be called immediately and the player will only be comforted and not moved until they arrive.
In the event of a Heart Attack there is an AED in the Pro Shop which will be used if the scenario is deemed necessary by one of the Pro Shop staff.

Fire or Severe Damage to Golf Course Buildings and/or Banquet Facility:

In the event of a fire or alarm all patrons of the building will be directed by one of the staff to the designated exit which is safest to exit. Once outside, patrons will then proceed to a muster point until emergency services have been called and deemed it safe to re-enter the building.

Nearest Medical Facilities:
Westview Health Centre Westview Primary Care & Health Unit
4405 South Park Drive 101-505 Queen St
Stony Plain, Alberta Spruce Grove, Alberta
T7Z 2M7 T7X 2V2

Misericordia Hospital
16940-87 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5R 4H5

Emergency call: 911