Spectator Policy
Parents and Coaches must maintain a 30 yd distance from players during the course of play, except around the greens where spectators must maintain a 10 yd distance from players. Spectators may not communicate with players, unless there is a medical situation.
Spectators may assist with finding lost golf balls during the course of play. Spectators are not to communicate, coach or speak with players during the search for golf balls. Spectators must wait until players arrive at the area where the ball has strayed to begin searching for balls. This policy has been enacted to assist the pace of play on the course.

Driving Directions
To Stony Plain Golf Course
To The Links Golf Course
Between the two Golf Courses
To Spruce Grove Composite (banquet site) from Stony Plain Golf Course
To Spruce Grove Composite (banquet site) from The Links Golf Course