Spectator Information

WCCHS is excited that you have decided to join us for 2A Basketball Provincials.


Spectators should:
-Consistently give positive feedback to players and others.
-Welcome opponents.
-Present positive comments before, during and after the game. Spectators, both student and adult, must demonstrate courtesy and good sportsmanship by positive cheers of encouragement for their team, not against the opposing team. This is evidenced by the absence of booing and vulgarities.
-Be helpful to others (i.e. willingly offer information about the game, score, scheduling, venue locations, etc. to onlookers)
-Spectators must also show proper acceptance of officials’ judgment.

**Artificial noisemakers are not permitted during provincial championship tournaments/events. These noisemakers may include but are not limited to: air horns, cowbells, plastic tube horns, garbage can lids, etc. The provincial championship host shall have the authority to eject from the competition facility individuals who, following a warning, refuse to comply with this requirement.


Parking is available in front of the school in the one-way loop, on the street, or in the West parking lot. We are requesting that buses be parked in the East lot.


Spectators will be required to pay admission. This will be cash only.
Weekend Pass: $20.00 (includes a program)
Adult Day Pass: $10.00
Student Day Pass: $5.00
Children 10 & Under: Free
Programs: $5 each
NOTE: Players & coaches will receive a tournament program in their player bags.


Please be advised that classes will be in session for Willow Creek Composite High School students for Wednesday and Thursday. Please be courteous and respectful during this time, keeping team traffic to the gym section of the school.


An amazing concession will be available, it will be cash only. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. A variety of food and beverage options will be available throughout the tournament.
Chili with Bun $5
Pulled Pork Sandwich $5
Chicken Noodle Soup with Bun $5
Wraps $5
Muffins $2
Bagel with Cream Cheese and Veggies $4
Drinks $2
Chocolate Bars $1
Chips $1


Gimmics will be selling souvenir clothing for the Provincial Championship. There will be a variety of clothing options ranging in price. Gimmics will be located in the Learning Commons (library) beside the common area.

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