Welcome to Kainai High School

We are excited that you will be joining us in watching some great basketball! Here you will find all the information you
need to enjoy the tournament!

Click HERE to download the 2A Girls Information Package

Team Arrival & Picture Times
Please arrive at Kainai High School 15 minutes prior to your session to be greeted and arranged for your team photograph.

Time Team Time Team
10:15 AM Immanuel Christian 3:30 PM Strathcona Christian
11:00 AM Kate Andrews 4:15 PM Assumption
12:30 PM JC Charyk 5:00 PM Pigeon Lake
1:15 PM David Thompson 5:45 PM Glenmary
2:00 PM Parkland 6:30 PM LaCrete
2:45 PM Calgary Christian 7:15 PM Kainai

Practice Times
45 minutes each

Time Team Time Team
11:00 AM Immanuel Christian 4:15 PM Strathcona Christian
11:45 AM Kate Andrews 5:00 PM Assumption
1:15 PM JC Charyk 5:45 PM Pigeon Lake
2:00 PM David Thompson 6:30 PM Glenmary
2:45 PM Parkland 7:15 PM LaCrete
3:30 PM Calgary Christian