Practice/Photo Times

Practice and Picture Schedules

15 minutes have been allotted for pictures along with an appropriate travel time to practice facilities.
Please be aware that if you choose not to utilize a practice time it is still the team’s responsibility to attend the team picture session.

Each practice session will be 45 minutes long. Please remain outside the gym while other teams are
practicing. Teams are to complete their practice on time to allow the next team their allotted time.
Practice balls are the responsibility of individual teams and must be marked clearly with school
name. Practice balls are to only be used on the court during warm-ups.

Picture times are listed in the left column. Practice times are listed in the middle column. Teams that
possess time slots are listed in the right column. All team picture sessions will take place in the
Cochrane High Fitness Centre.
Teams are asked to be dressed in AWAY uniforms for
pictures. E.g. if your practice time is 5:15 at St. Timothy School, your team picture session will be
at 4:45 in the Cochrane High Fitness Centre.

Cochrane High School Practice and Picture Times

Picture Time Practice Time Team
1:15 1:30 Cochrane Girls
2:00 2:15 Cochrane Boys
2:45 3:00 St. Peter the Apostle Boys
3:30 3:45 St. Peter the Apostle Girls
4:15 4:30 Camrose Boys
5:00 5:15 McCoy Girls
5:45 6:00 Morinville Boys
6:30 6:45 Morinville Girls
7:15 7:30 St. Joseph Boys
8:00 8:15 Beaverlodge Girls

St. Timothy School Practice and Picture Times @ CHS

Picture Time Practice Time Team
3:15 3:45 Brooks Girls
4:00 4:30 Bowness Girls
4:45 5:15 Bowness Boys
5:30 6:00 Holy Trinity Boys
6:15 6:45 Edmonton Christian Boys
7:00 7:30 Holy Rosary Girls
7:45 8:15 George McDougall Boys

Bow Valley High School Practice and Picture Times @ CHS

Picture Time Practice Time Team
3:00 3:45 Sturgeon Girls
3:45 4:30 Wetaskiwin Boys
5:15 Wetaskiwin Girls
5:15 6:00 Brooks Boys
6:00 6:45 W.R. Myers Girls
6:45 7:30 H.J. Cody Girls
7:30 8:15 W.R. Myers Boys