Register for Provincials and Practice Slots

How to Register your School Team for Provincials:

1 - Download and fill out THIS registration form in Excel. Save the Excel Spreadsheet once you have filled it out - you will need it for Step 2.

2 - Once you have filled out the registration form, CLICK HERE to upload the form, along with your team photo and logo. This will submit all of your information to ASAA, which will be passed to the tournament host (Charles Spencer High School).

3 - Once that is done, please have your Athletic Director log in to the SRS and upload the team photo. Check off which students will be attending provincials - this will post the information to the Championship website.

How to Sign Up for Court Practice Slots:

Stop! Before going to your practice slots, please check in at Charles Spencer High School Main Office.

1 - Click on the link here, and follow the instructions: Practice Time Signup Sheet

Below is an extra link to the registration form in case the first link doesn’t work. You do not have to fill out both the form above and this form, only one.