Emergency Action Plan

Stirling School 426 3st S 403-756-3355

Raymond Medical Clinic: 150 N 4 St E, Raymond, AB T0K 2S0 403-752-3337
Chinook Regional Hospital: 960 19 St S, Lethbridge, AB T1J 1W5 403-388-6111

1) First Aid Kit and ice at the score table in the gymnasium. AED is located on the wall immediately
outside the main entrance to the gymnasium.
2) Cell phone at the score table. Land line inside the main office on the counter.
3) Ambulance 9-1-1. Hospital 403-752-3337 (Raymond) or 403-388-6111 (Lethbridge).
4) Enter main door of school on the West side of the building. Gym is through the atrium and north (left) once you have entered.
5) See attached google maps for best route to hospital.

When an injury occurs:

1) Take control of the situation. Exercise universal precaution related to blood/body fluids.
2) Do not move the student if they cannot move themselves. Do not remove uniform unless deemed
3) Assess and evaluate the severity of the situation and decide if further assistance is required
4) If an ambulance is required, then determine the action required to remove the athlete form the
playing surface.
5) If an ambulance is called: direct one person (the coach of the team) to call the ambulance and give the pertinent information
to them. Include location, address and extent of injury. Ask person to report back with an ETA.
6) Remain with injured student and address any concerns they have while awaiting medical attention.
7) Do not give food or drink to injured athlete unless required because of existing medical conditions
(ex. Diabetes).
8) Stay calm and reassuring.
9) Once ambulance arrives explain situation and what has been done for the injured athlete.
10) Designate an adult to accompany the injured athlete to the hospital.
11) Parent/guardians of the injured athlete should must be contacted as soon as possible following the
12) Complete the incident/accident report form found in the information package and return it to the tournament organizer/administration.


1) Call Ambulance or Fire Department 9-1-1.
2) Stirling School - 426 3 St S, Stirling (in the gym), 403-756-3355.
3) Indicate location and nature of injury.
4) Report to Coach/Administrator.
5) Meet Ambulance.


The school building may be put into a lockdown situation due to internal or external emergencies. Internal emergencies include an armed individual, a medical emergency, or an out of control child or adult. External emergencies include events occurring in close proximity to the school. Both internal and external emergencies will be treated in the same manner.

1) In the event of a lockdown the following message will be relayed over the school intercom system by the Principal or designate Ingeborg Pot, or anyone who is first aware of the situation:

Lockdown, Lockdown, Lockdown
2) This message will be announced three times if safe to do so.

3) Visually check hallway for students, visitors, volunteers, etc. and invite them into classroom.
4) Direct students into your secure location and identified lockdown area. If safe, all individuals in the gym will be escorted to the school theatre as a more secure location.
5) Close room door (door should already be in locked position). Reinforce or block door with classroom furniture.
6) Cover inside windows. If threat is external wait for further instruction.
7) Staff should be prepared to call 911.
8) Direct students to silence cell phones.
9) Maintain a calm environment by remaining calm yourself and reassuring students that everything possible is being done to return the situation to normal.
10) Maintain Silence.
11) Stay out of view of doors and windows
12) Ignore all school / fire bells
13) Do not answer the door / phone under any circumstances

Police or School Administration Staff will unlock all doors. Remain in your secure location until this occurs.
The following announcement will be made by the Principal or designate Ingeborg Pot or Amanda Anderson or Lana Sillito once lockdown is deactivated, and doors are unlocked by Administration or Police:

“Lockdown has been deactivated - resume all normal activities. Thank you”

Directions to Raymond Medical Clinic: 150 N 4 St E, Raymond, AB T0K 2S0

Directions to Chinook Regional Hospital: 960 19 St S, Lethbridge, AB T1J 1W5