Emergency Action Plan

Contact information

Emergency Phone Number: 911
Tournament Chair: Jeff Driedger: 780-289-4899
Tournament Co-Chair: Matthew Head: 709-725-4460
LCPS Principal: Susan Ward: 780-561-0089
LCPS Assistant Principal: Dave Gallant: 780-247-1604
LCPS Senior Girls Coach: Dave Schellenberg: 780-926-7408
La Crete Public School Contact Number: 780-928-3913

Address of School: 10001 99 Ave, La Crete, AB T0H 2H0
Address of Nearest Medical Clinic: 10601 100 Ave, La Crete, AB T0H 2H0
Contact of Medical Clinic: 780-928-3733

Directions to Medical Clinic:

AED Location:

Outside main doors of gymnasium (located on the wall), next to office in the main school entrance (located on the wall).

When an injury occurs, an EAP should be activated immediately if the injured person:

  • is not breathing
  • does not have a pulse
  • is bleeding profusely
  • has impaired consciousness
  • has injured the back, neck or head
  • has a visible major trauma to a limb

Roles and responsibilities:

Charge person (Coach of injured athlete):

- Clear the risk of further harm to the injured person by securing the area and shelter the injured person from the elements.
- Designate who is in charge of the other participants.
- Protect yourself (wears gloves if he/she is in contact with body fluids such as blood).
- Assess ABCs (checks that airway is clear, breathing is present, a pulse is present, and there is no major bleeding).
- Wait by the injured person until EMS arrives and the injured person is transported

Call person (Coach of injured athlete):

- Call for emergency help.
- Provide all necessary information to dispatch (e.g. facility location, nature of the injury, what, if any, first aid has been done).
- Clear any traffic from the entrance/access road before the ambulance arrives.
- Wait by the driveway entrance to the facility to direct the ambulance when it arrives.
- Call the emergency contact person listed on the injured person’s medical profile.

School Map With Locations of Muster Point/AED’s:

Facility Emergency Action Plan:

In the case of a facility emergency (Ex: Lockdown) all people located it the school are to follow the same procedures as a school lockdown.

Lockdown Procedures:

  • When a lockdown is announced, follow the instructions of the nearest LCPS coach/ LCPS Staff Member/Volunteer.
  • Remain in the classroom/gymnasium.
  • If you are in the hallway, gathering area or an unsafe area, move quickly to the nearest open classroom.
  • Follow all instructions of the LCPS coach/LCPS Staff Member/Volunteer, move to the designated secure area in the classroom and remain silent and still.
  • If you are locked out of the classrooms after a lockdown has been called, find the closest secure hiding spot. Remain there and do not emerge until the all clear signal has been announced.
  • When the police arrive, put your hands on your head, identify yourself as a student or spectator and follow instructions.