Rules & Sportsmanship

Rules & Policy:

It is incumbent upon all coaches and participants to be aware of the ASAA Policy. Specifically for this event, player eligibility (pp 33-38), supervision policy (pg 51), and basketball policy (pp 82-91).


Dunking will be permitted during all game play and warmup.


Sportsmanship is vitally important and highly valued by the ASAA. A Sportsmanship plaque will be awarded to the team that displays appropriate conduct & sportsmanship both individually and at a team level throughout the Championship. Pins will be handed out throughout the Championship to individuals & spectators who display sportsmanship in their words & actions. The sportsmanship committee will be deciding who receives the Sportsmanship Award and the award will be sent out after the tournament is completed.

Discipline & Misconduct:

Breaches of the ASAA Code of Ethics are treated seriously, and as host, [we] are required to report any breaches to the ASAA office where action may occur. A portion of the ASAA Code of Ethics states, “Any conduct, including, but not limited to ejections, fighting and drugs and alcohol use, that results in dishonor to the athlete, the team, the school or the ASAA will not be tolerated.” (pp 29)

Grievance Committee:

The committee will have the authority to address issues of a serious nature that may occur before, during or after the provincial championships, or to hear appeals of the automatic one suspension resulting from an ejection, (see page 28 of ASAA handbook). A reminder that a coach or player who is disqualified will receive a one-game suspension. If it is the teacher sponsor that is disqualified, and no other teacher sponsor is available for that team, the team will not be allowed to participate in their following game.