Team/Coach/Official Rooms

Team Rooms/Change Rooms/Shower Rooms:

Shower facilities and change rooms will be available for use at the gym. During the tournament, the home team will be given the South change room while the away team will be given the North change room. No valuables should be left in the change rooms.

It is encouraged that teams prepare and meet in their designated classrooms before their scheduled games. Priority to the changing rooms in the gym will be given to the teams playing, allowing them a meeting place during halftime. *For Thursday games (Game # 1, # 2, & #3), teams are to use the changing rooms in the gym to prepare as regular school classes are in session.

Each team will be given a classroom for Thursday after school, Friday and Saturday.

Please note: La Crete Public School is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please ensure valuables are safely stored.

Coaches & Official Rooms:

A hospitality room will be available for coaches and officials throughout the tournament. A variety of food & beverages will be made available. The hospitality room for the coaches will be located in the LCPS Staff Room. The hospitality room for the officials will be in Room 133, adjacent to the fitness room.