Spectator Info

Admission and Parking:

The will be two entrance gates.
The North gate for walk in, buses and vehicles.
The South gate will be walk in only with parking across the street in the mall overflow parking lot. Buses will exit through this gate as well.

  • Admission will be Cash Only so please make sure to hit a bank machine prior to coming (Bank machines and ATM’s located at Walmart and Mall locations South of the Lethbridge Sports Park)

Admission is set at the following: Adults $10.00 per day
Students $5.00 per day Children Under 10 FREE
Churchill students with a school ID - FREE

There will be NO Tournament passes or Family rate

Parking for buses will be in the Walmart/Mall parking lot and surrounding empty streets.

There will be limited parking for all other vehicles and these will be on a first come first served basis (after volunteers and officials have parked) and will be controlled by the Admission Gate personnel.

**Participants are reminded to keep their Participant Pass on them at all times. Participants without their Participant Pass will be charged the entry fee to access the facilities.

Spectator Seating:

For each playing field there will be one side designated for teams and one for spectators. Spectators may not view the game from within the team areas, nor may coaches or players view the game from the designated spectator areas.