Emergency Action Plan

Location Information

Hay Lakes School
3rd Avenue 1st Street North Box 249
Hay Lakes, Alberta T0B 1W0
Telephone: (780)878-3368

Medical Facilities

St. Mary’s Hospital in Camrose
4607 53 St
Camrose, Alberta T4V 1Y5
Telephone: (780) 679-6126
Leduc Community Hospital
4210 48 Street
Leduc, Alberta T9E 5Z3
Telephone: (780) 986-7711

Essential Information

While Hay Lakes School does everything possible to prevent injuries and accidents at the school, there is still potential for serious accidents and injury in any athletic event. If a serious injury occurs, time becomes critical. Subsequently, the implementation of this EAP must be adhered to while in attendance at Hay Lakes School.

1) First Aid Kit and ice at the score table in the gymnasium. AED is located on the wall immediately outside the main entrance to the gymnasium.
2) Cell phone at the score table. Land line inside athletic director’s office and inside the main office on admin assistants desk.
3) Ambulance 9-1-1. Hospital Camrose (780-679-6126) or Leduc (780-986-7711).
4) Enter main door on South West side of the school building. The gym is located straight ahead.
5) Epipens are located at the main office.

When an injury occurs:

  • Take control of the situation
  • Exercise universal precautions related to blood/ body fluids
  • Keep in mind the following:
  1. Do not move the injured person
  2. If a person cannot move by themselves do not move them
  • Instruct any bystanders to leave the injured person alone and back away
  • Do not remove any clothing or equipment unless emergency treatment is required (ex. CPR or Artificial Respiration)
  • Assess the severity of person injured (particularly head and/ or spinal injuries) and decide if further assistance is required
  • If an ambulance is not needed, then decide what action is to be taken in order to remove the injured person from the location
  • If an ambulance is required, request assistance from another person by having them call an ambulance with all the relevant information (nature of emergency, location, and telephone number of location) and have this person report back to you with an estimated time of arrival. Send them to assess the entrance and wait for the ambulance.
  • Once the call has been placed, observe the injured for any change in condition. Reassure them until professional arrives.
  • Do not provide the injured with food or drink, unless indicated by the situation (ex.diabetes or dehydration)
  • Remain calm and speaking reassuringly
  • When the ambulance arrives describe the incident and what has been down
  • An adult should be designated to accompany the injured to the hospital to help and document the steps taken to treat the injury
  • The parent/ guardian of the injured minor must be contacted as soon as possible after the injury occurs
  • Document the event of the accident and file a written report if necessary with the appropriate school administrator.


The school building may be put into a lockdown situation due to internal or external emergencies. Internal emergencies include an armed individual, a medical emergency, or an out of control child or adult. External emergencies include events occurring in close proximity to the school. Both internal and external emergencies will be treated in the same manner.

1) In the event of a lockdown the following message will be relayed over the school intercom system by the administration or designate Scott Peterson, or anyone who is first aware of the situation:
Lockdown, Lockdown, Lockdown
2) This message will be announced three times if safe to do so.
3) Visually check hallway for students, visitors, volunteers, etc. and invite them into classroom.
4) Direct students into your secure location and identified lockdown area. All individuals in the gym will be escorted to the equipment room (located in the gym on the East Wall near the Athletic Directors Office).
5) Close room door (door should already be in locked position). Reinforce or block door with classroom furniture.
6) Cover inside windows. If threat is external wait for further instruction.
7) Staff should be prepared to call 911.
8) Direct students to silence cell phones.
9) Maintain a calm environment by remaining calm yourself and reassuring students that everything possible is being done to return the situation to normal.
10) Maintain Silence.
11) Stay out of view of doors and windows
12) Ignore all school / fire bells
13) Do not answer the door / phone under any circumstances
14) When the situation is resolved, the message: All Clear, All Clear, All Clear will be announced by the person who called the lockdown.
15) Wait for either police or administration to come and unlock door to resume activities.