Team Photos/Practice Schedule


Please email to set up your times.


Team pictures will take place in the Hay Lakes School Band Room (Room #102) These pictures will take place 45 minutes prior to each teams’ practice session. The teams will receive their tournament passes after the practice session. Teams are to be dressed in their team uniforms or appropriate team warm-up uniforms. Teams will receive a link to the team picture, individual portraits, opening ceremonies, banquet, and action shots of your team from the tournament.


Practice times will be available from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Wednesday, March 18. Each team will be allotted one 45 minute practice time slot which will be scheduled to coordinate with their team practice session. Schedules will be set up so that teams travelling the longest distances will get the later practice slots. Practices will be timed and when the allotted time is up, teams will be required to leave the gymnasium. Teams waiting for their practice slot will have to wait in the hallway outside of the gymnasium. The final practice schedule and team picture session will be posted on the Information Package section of the website, as well as, updated in the information package as soon as all teams have registered. We will collect team fees at the end of each team practice.