Modifications to Season

The ASAA board has granted the Executive Committee the authority (with majority zone approval) to modify seasons of play. As per the ASAA’s August 13th release, all fall championships including Football have been postponed until a point where GoA guidelines permit them.

On August 11th it was announced that the start of the Season of Play has been delayed to September 1, 2020.

Modifications to Event Format

In a survey to ASAA member schools and coaches, the mandate was clear that our membership does not want to see wholesale changes to any sports. However in the context of Football, the following minor adjustments will be considered at the provincial level.

  • Forgoing the ‘Alberta Bowl’ format and have Provincial Final games played locally.
  • Limits on spectators
  • Other changes as deemed necessary

In-School Safety Protocols

  • No sharing of equipment
  • Regular and documented sanitization of commonly touched practice equipment.
  • Practices should be scheduled using smaller cohorts (keep offence and defence seperate - seperate positionally where possible)

Strategies to stay engaged in Football in your school

  • Consider running small cohort flag/touch football leagues within your school community to encourage participation from a broader audience while limiting physical contact.

PSO Resources

Football Alberta - Return to Play Guidelines