Team Handball

Modifications to Season

It is still too early to speculate on whether or not Spring championships will proceed as normal or with modifications to format and/or season. The ASAA board has granted the Executive Committee the authority (with majority zone approval) to modify seasons of play and they reserve the right to adjust the season as needed.

On November 20th it was announced that the viability of running a Provincial Team Handball Championship will be assessed on March 14 2021

Modifications to Event Format

In a survey to ASAA member schools and coaches, the mandate was clear that our membership does not want to see wholesale changes to any sports. However in the context of Team Handball, the following minor adjustments will be considered at the provincial level.

  • Limits on spectators
  • Modification to nuimber of teams
  • Potential modifications to tournament structure (ie pools, playoffs, etc…)
  • Potentially cancelling the opening ceremony, banquet or other gatherings
  • Other changes as deemed necessary

In-School Safety Protocols

  • Minimize contact between coaches and athletes.
  • Sanitize all equipment before and after practice.
  • Apply hand sanitizer immediately before and after all games/practices
  • Coaches should practice physical distancing/wear a mask wherever possible

Strategies to stay engaged in Team Handball in your school

  • If interschool play is not an option due to provincial restrictions on travel, there is an opportunity to increase participation in Team Handball by involving your whole school in intramural play at your school (provided cohort limits are followed).
  • Consider being involved in a mini-league within your AHS region.

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