Modifications to Season

At the moment, the status quo of running the Wrestling season on schedule is questionable. The ASAA board has granted the Executive Committee the authority (with majority zone approval) to modify seasons of play and they reserve the right to move the season/provincial championship if needed.

Modifications to Event Format

Wrestling as a sport inherently requires physical contact, however stratgies can be put in place to minimize avoidable contact/spread, including limiting spectators and reducing the number of bouts. All options are being considered going into the 2021 season.

In-School Safety Protocols

  • Minimize contact between coaches and athletes.
  • Sanitize mats and equipment between all bouts.
  • Apply hand sanitizer immediately before and after bouts

Strategies to stay engaged in Wrestling in your school

  • Consider alternative fitness activities that can keep your athletes engaged. For example push-up or sit-up challenges, etc…
  • Consider participating in virtual clinics/training sessions put on by Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association

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