DELAYED - Coaching School Sport: Redefining Winning

September 2, 2020
ASAA News and Information
As a requirement for ASAA Member School Registration in the SRS, registrants are asked to attest that at least one staff member at this school has completed the “Coaching School Sport: Redefining Winning” course from as required under ASAA policy OR that this school is exempt from this requirement by virtue of being a distance education/outreach school.

The launch of the new course “Coaching School Sport: Redefining Winning” has been delayed and the course is not yet available for members to complete. As a result, the expectation for schools to complete this course by October 10, 2020 (the school registration deadline) will NOT be enforced at this time. The ASAA Executive Committee will determine a more specific deadline for this course to be completed at their meeting on September 16, 2020. Once a new deadline is determined, this will be communicated to all members. The ASAA Bylaws and Policies course is also not available at this time, but will be available in The Locker in a few weeks. In a few months time, the School Coach website will no longer be available and all courses will be relocated to the e-learning platform in The Locker.

As a reminder, coaches are required to complete “Making Headway” which is available for FREE at

If you have any questions regarding coach education, please contact Deanna Metro at the ASAA office.

Deanna Metro