Fort McMurray and Anzac Displaced Students

May 9, 2016
ASAA News and Information

Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association competition allowances for student athletes from the evacuated communities of Fort McMurray and Anzac (in addition to other communities with high school students that may have been evacuated) - At MAY 10, 2016

Given the devastating events of the past week, the ASAA Executive Committee met via conference call this afternoon to determine the best way to accommodate student athletes from Fort McMurray and Anzac into the remaining two sports of the ASAA’s annual calendar. At this time, we know students displaced from Fort McMurray and Anzac are arriving on the doorsteps of schools all over the province. We also understand that some students may choose not to register in a school for the remaining month or so of the 2015/16 school year. We have no idea of how many students from Fort McMurray and Anzac that may wish to participate in ASAA Rugby and Track competition but it is important that we be as accommodating as possible. Please see below for details.