Free SIRC Expert Webinar - Promoting Diversity and Social Justice in High School Sport: Evidence from Research and Practice

April 30, 2024
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In light of recent social movements around the world that have led many to speak out and fight against social injustices (e.g., Black Lives Matter, Me Too, School Strike for Climate), there is a need to explore how high school sport can help promote social justice. The purpose of this research project is to reimagine high school sport coaching through a social justice lens. In collaboration with School Sport Canada, the Sport Information Resource Centre explored Canadian high school sport coaches’ attitudes toward social justice issues (e.g., racism, poverty, activism) through an online survey and individual online interviews.e survey as well as individual online interviews.

High school sport in Canada is a highly popular activity practiced by hundreds of thousands of student-athletes and overseen by tens of thousands of coaches. In this webinar, discussions will focus on examining how we can promote diversity and social justice in manners that provide safer and more inclusive sporting spaces for all participants. Researchers, physical education teachers, and coaches from different parts of Canada will provide evidence from research and practice, discussing the results of studies and initiatives designed to foster socially just sport.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2024
5:30-6:45pm MST

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