Joint School Request Form

September 9, 2022
ASAA News and Information
Attached below is the *NEW* Joint School Request Form.

In order to facilitate a more efficient process for joint school teams in 2022/23 we are requiring Primary Schools to complete the information below. Zones and the Compliance Officer will be able to approve the joint school teams within the document. In 2023/24 this will be done through the SRS. Here is the policy:

In accordance with ASAA Policy, Section IV - Student Eligibility, 4 Joint Teams, members schools may request to form a joint school team with one or more member schools in select sports. All joint school teams must be in compliance with ASAA policy and the criteria listed in the ASAA Guiding Principles for Joint School Teams. Joint team requests will be reviewed and approved by the Zone Executive of the schools involved and then reviewed and approved by the ASAA Compliance Officer. Approval by both the Zone(s) and Compliance officer is required. In addition to receiving a completed request form, the team must also be registered in the ASAA Sport Registration System (SRS).