2020 Hall of Fame


  • Melissa Lotholz

    As a high school athlete, Melissa has participated on all the major ASAA sports teams that her hometown 3A school, Barrhead Composite, offered: Volleyball (2007/08 - 2009/10) 3A Provincial volleyball team 2008/09, 2009/10 Basketball (2007 /08 - 2009/10) Badminton (2007/08- 2008/09) Track & Field (2007/08 - 2009/10) 3A Provincial track & field team 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10 Bronze junior women’s 4xl00m relay (07 /08) Silver intermediate women’s 4x100m relay (08/09) Bronze senior women’s 100m (09/101 Gold senior women’s 4x10om relay (09/10) Some of Melissa’s special honours and achievements include: Barrhead Composite High School Female Athlete of the year (2009/10) Alberta Milk - ASAA Scholarship (2009/10) University of Alberta track and field (2011- 2014) Team Canada Bobsleigh Team (2014 - present) 2018 Winter Olympic Games (Korea) - Feb 19-20 2018 - 7thPlace World Championships 2017 World Championships Silver 2016 world championships Silver; 2017/18 Overall Crystal Globe Gold; 2016/17 Overall Crystal Globe Silver; 2015/16 Overall Crystal Globe Gold; 2014/15 Overall Crystal Globe 17 Silver World Cup Medals Town of Barrhead Blue Heron Award (2018) Melissa also speaks at schools to inspire youth to participate in sports and has helped as a volunteer at track & field events. It is with great pleasure that we induct Melissa into the Hall of Fame as a 2020 Athlete Inductee.

Athletic Administrator

  • Heather Bartling

    Heather started her Athletic Administrator career at Bonnyville Centralized High School in Bonnyville, Alberta. As AD in her school, Heather hosted numerous Zone and Provincial Championships. Heather spearheaded both the 2013 Curling provincials and the 2015 3A Girls Volleyball Championships. Heather has hosted multiple zone championships at Bonnyville. Heather took on the Zone secretary for the North East from 2015 to 2017. She also held multiple leadership positions within the zone, most notable being basketball commissioner and ranker. Heather also became involved in the ASAA during that time and took on many leadership roles in the ASAA. Heather was Director of Athletics for the ASAA from 2013-2016. Then took on the role of Sportsmanship Commissioner from 2016-2020. Her involvement in the higher administration for athletics lead her into her involvement with the CIAAA. Heather is one of the main presenters for the organization. She has represented Canada numerous times at the NIAAA. She has presented multiple workshops and LTI courses throughout Canada. Not only is she a presenter for the organization, but also a course co-author of LTI 722, 710, 501 and the new Unified course 633. Heather has also created multiple work Heather has taken on many roles within the CIAAA organization and is currently the Committee Chair for the CIAAA awards committee. With her involvement with the executive of the ASAA, Heather had the opportunity to take kids down to Indianapolis for the NFHS student leadership conference. In response, Heather believed that Alberta could do something similar for our student athletes. She was one of the lead organizers and founders of the IMPACT Leadership conference in Alberta. A 2-day student leadership conference around leadership in athletics. Heather created many of the workshops and breakout sessions that are still used today at the conference. Heather made the move from Bonnyville to the North Central Zone when she took a position at Frank Maddock School as the Assistant Principal. In the last few years, Heather has been an active member of the North Central Zone and has hosted multiple championships. She has been a valued member of the zone and continues to make improvements to the zone. She has made a concerted effort to change the culture of athletics in the building. She is a strong believer in educational based athletics. We have seen this shift in the behavior of her athletes at multiple sporting events throughout the zone. This culture shift has been impressive to watch. Heather is a dedicated Athletic Director and Administrator for her school. She advocates for her students and student athletes. She has set the direction for her programs and values educational athletics at its finest. She holds her athletes accountable and they respect her for it. She has made such a positive change for her school which is evident when playing her teams. Her leadership on the Provincial and National stage have been invaluable. She is respected internationally as a role model on athletics. She has made an indelible mark on Alberta’s high school landscape. It is with great pleasure that we induct Heather into the Hall of Fame as a 2020 Athlete Administrator.


  • Daryn Galatuik

    Daryn is the athletic director and has coached every sport since he came Glendon about 20 years ago. His main focuses are on basketball and track & field. He also coaches cross country, badminton and volleyball as well. His school’s athletic program was in rough shape when he first got there but in his 20 years he has brought success to the program. In his time there the school has won a boys volleyball provincial championship, a girls basketball provincial championship along with two consolations wins, a boys basketball provincial bronze medal along with two consolations as well and also Glendon won the 1A ASAA provincial track & field banner 9 years in a row. Daryn was instrumental in all these successes and they are large accomplishments for such a small school such as Glendon. After 20 years there is honestly not a spot left in the gym to put up any more banners. Daryn was the Northeast representative for HPEC for 3 years. He has also been the president of our district school sport organization (SPAA) for many years and still serves as the vice president today. At the zone level he has been vice president in the past and has been the president of NEASAA for about ten years. With as much as he does he has also found time to serve a term on the ASAA executive which is daunting and sometimes thankless job. Daryn has won the ASAA award for most sportsmanlike coach. As an Athletic Director and Coach his experience is almost endless and he is always willing to share his knowledge and lend a helping hand if possible. Much of Daryn’s success comes from the amount of time he puts into coaching, it seems like he is always at school as it has been his first priority for quite some time. It is with great pleasure that we induct Daryn into the Hall of Fame as a 2020 Coach Inductee.


  • Barry Schwartz

    “The highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and moral character,” as described in the nomination criteria, provide a fitting summation of Barry. Among the many fantastic basketball officials in our province, Barry stands out in exemplifying these and more qualities that have made him the ideal official for high school sports. His ego does not get in the way of ensuring the game is safe, fair, and fun. His easy-going attitude, firm knowledge of the rules and subtleties of the game, and his touch or art are some of the many reasons he is regularly selected to officiate at Provincial Championships and in important and difficult games. Barry has officiated countless games at every level but it is clear to see why he has been such a successful and well regarded high school official, and, why he loves refereeing at the high school level so much. Barry has also been involved in basketball as an athlete for over 30 years and a dedicated member of the EBOA for 10 seasons. He has been involved in the sport in a variety of positions including the Director of Discipline and Mediation liaising between the EBOA and Metro Athletics. Barry has also officiated over 600 high school games in Edmonton and continues to be that official players, coaches and partner want to see in their games. Barry officiates over 70 high school games each season and has been a familiar face that many players, coaches, and fans are happy to see whenever he walks onto the floor. Barry worked closely with Metro Athletics for two-season liaising between the league and the EBOA as the person in charge of discipline for the association. Barry has been such a presence on the high school scene for many years and through his time he has not only officiated over 500 high school games; he has been networking with the local league to provide support and the best quality officials for those games. Barry has also been a part of the EBOA education team for 6 seasons mentoring officials to improve their ability to referee high school games as well. Barry has been an integral part of the EBOA’s Education Team as an observer and mentor to many officials. He continues to hold himself as well as the association to the highest standard of professionalism, sportsmanship and respect. These are qualities that he demonstrates on and off the floor and a wonderful example for our members. Barry is the official you want in any of your games because he is a good partner, he is approachable and he always puts the game first. It is with great pleasure that we induct Barry into the Hall of Fame as a 2020 Official Inductee.