2021 Hall of Fame

Athletic Administrator

  • Shauna & Michael Vaughan

    This amazing team has dedicated their entire careers to this point in support of leadership and administration as a husband-and-wife team committed to Three Hills School and the province of Alberta. There is little doubt that independently neither the school nor the province would have been as well served, but together the benefits to both have been extraordinary and exponentially impressive.

    Shauna as the athletic director at the school has been outstanding in securing coaches, scheduling, budget, promotion, compliance and facility management. She has coached and filled in where required. Michael has never wavered in his instance that he would not be able to do the things provincially and nationally without Shauna providing so much in the way of leadership and support locally. On many occasions you have heard directly from Michael the strongly stated opinion that Shauna’s work as the school’s Athletic Director mean everything to him and create the window of opportunity for his work with the ASAA and CIAAA.

    While Michael has never been the athletic director and would want that light shone directly on Shauna so frequently expressing his admiration for Shauna’s work in that area, his contributions in other leadership and administration areas are worthy in their own right for induction into the Hall of Fame. Michael has been deeply involved in administration and leadership to an exemplary level for Alberta and Canada throughout his career. Michael served as the ASAA Boys Volleyball Commissioner 2007 - 2015, ASAA Zone Secretary 2017 - 2021, ASAA Executive Director of Athletics 2014- 2017. In addition to these roles Michael was largely responsible for the initiation and development of the ASAA Impact student athlete leadership conference which has grown to be a model for student leadership across the country. As is typical for Michael he would deflect on his contribution to this work highlighting the contributions of colleagues. A trailblazer in this Michael took students from Three Hills to the NFHS Student leadership conference in Indianapolis and lobbied with peers such as Heather Bartling to join him with students from her school. These efforts demonstrated his commitment to leadership development and ultimately lead to our Alberta Impact model. Additionally, Michael, once again with the support of Shauna dedicated time, experience, and effort in the development of the CIAAA both in course development and as a course instructor. Michael coached volleyball both at the high school and club level as well as officiating basketball, not doubt in further support of his favorite athletic director.

    The dynamic duo hitting above their weight, Three Hills School has hosted 2A Boys Volleyball (2003/04), 2A Girls Basketball (2004/05), 2A Boys Basketball (2004/05), 2A Girls Volleyball 2010/11 all under the direct leadership of Shauna Vaughan as Athletic Director and Michael Vaughan as lead committee member and on occasion coaching in the event. Additionally, Shauna and Michael played key roles in the 2012/13 Track and Field Provincials Organizing committee. They have packed a tremendous punch of outstanding support into just short of two decades of service to the community of Three Hills and the province of Alberta’s athletes and educators.

    Professional Affiliations
    ASAA, AVA, CIAAA, Alberta Basketball Officials Association

    Special Honours and Achievements
    Michael would say the special honour is having the support of Shauna in all he has done provincially and nationally. Shauna would say the same about Michael.

    Michael and Shauna Vaughan have achieved so much individually and together that it really does prove that 1 + 1 is so very much more than 2. Three Hills has been richly blessed, the province of Alberta and the ASAA has been rewarded many times over as a result of the synergy this dynamic duo brought to everything they did individually and collectively to positively impact athletes and coaches over the last two decades.

    Congratulations to Shauna and Michael as the Athletic Adminsitrator Hall of Fame 2021 Inductees.

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