2022 Hall of Fame


  • Jeremy Hall

    Jeremy who was born with hemophilia - a genetic disorder that impairs the body’s ability to make blood clots - wasn’t able to play the sport himself in his younger years. The hemophilia led to a number of injuries and fused knee joints; at eight, he was in a wheelchair, which he would stay in for the next couple of years, watching the sport from the sidelines. This did not stop him from pursuing his dreams to be like other students. Jeremy Hall attended St. Paul Regional High School from 2007 - 2009. While in high school he participated in intramurals and graduated as the class valedictorian.

    After high school he attended the University of Alberta and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering Degree. During this time he was introduced to both sledge hockey and rowing. Jeremy was on the Team Alberta Sledge hockey team that won the 2017 National Championship. After playing Sledge hockey he began to pursue PARA Rowing. He was able to balance his school work with his athletics and excelled with both. He has completed his master’s work with a Master’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Alberta. He completed this schooling while living in Victoria, British Columbia as he trained at the National Rowing facility.

    Jeremy has been very successful as a PARA Rower and his accomplishments include:

    • 1 x gold medal at Canadian Para Ice (Sledge) Hockey National Championships (2017)
    • 2 x gold medal in PR2 Men’s Single Sculls at Canadian National Rowing Championships (2017-2019)
    • 2 x silver medal in PR2 Men’s Single Sculls at World Rowing Championships (2018, 2019)
    • 1 x silver medal in PR2 Men’s Single Sculls at World Rowing Cup II (2019)
    • 1 x bronze medal in PR2 Men’s Single Sculls at Gavirate Para-Rowing International Regatta (2018)
    • 1 x Rowing Canada Aviron Para Athlete of the Year (2018)
    • 1 x Lagoa Rio Award Winner - Most Outstanding Performance by a Para Athlete at the National Rowing Championships (2019)
    • Currently hold 3 world records on the indoor rower (2000m, 6000m, 1 minute)
  • Jordan Baker

    Jordan is an alumnus of Harry Ainlay where he was a multi-sport
    star in basketball and volleyball. Jordan continued on to play at the University of Alberta where
    he set the mark in numerous statistical categories and helped the Golden Bears to many different
    levels of team success. After graduation from the University of Alberta, Jordan has made his
    Titan family proud by playing professional basketball overseas and for the local CEBL franchise
    the Edmonton Stingers. Jordan’s playing career has been superb but what sets him apart is his
    willingness to help those who hope to one day follow in his footsteps. Jordan has given back to
    the game that has given him so much whether it be as an assistant coach on the Harry Ainlay
    senior men’s basketball team, partnering with basketball Alberta to offer a high school all-star
    game for metro athletes or running a basketball camp (Baker Elite); Jordan has consistently
    modeled and mentored positive actions for the next generation of student-athletes. Jordan’s
    acumen as an athlete has been well documented and his coachable nature and desire to find an
    edge and improve is an inspiration to current student-athletes. Even well after his high-school
    career Jordan continues to work on his craft and is a shining example of determination and
    humility. Jordan is currently an assistant coach with the University of Alberta Golden Bears
    Basketball program and continues to invest in the lives of others. Jordan’s selfless attitude and
    passion for investing in educational-athletics make him a worthy inductee for the Alberta
    Schools Athletics Association hall of fame.

    (Excerpts from the nomination letter written by Tyler Greenslade)

Athletic Administrator

  • Glen Magneson

    For Glen, building a complete program that supported both male and female athletes in their sports was important. Students were encouraged to become involved with the athletic program. Roles and responsibilities were outlined. Whether you were an athlete, a spectator, a minor official or a concession worker, Glen made it his mission to make sure everyone who wanted to be involved felt like they were an important part of the program.

    When describing Glen, and his overall commitment to building the athletic program words like passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, respectful, and compassionate come to mind. He always led by example. He inspired the students to be committed to one another and their school community. Glen promoted team values, life values, life skills over individual recognition. An example of these qualities put into action would be the mini-basketball program he started for the grades four, five and six. Varsity players were encouraged to coach, officiate, and help to run the mini league. He was teaching within his program the importance of giving back, the importance of mentoring, the importance of building community and the importance of good citizenship.
    Sportsmanship and integrity were a cornerstone of the athletic program Glen built. He set the bar very high for how he expected student-athletes and coaches to conduct themselves while representing Foremost School.

    (Excerpts from the nomination letter written by Sheila Garber)

  • Hugh Nester

    It is with great pleasure that I write this letter in support of Hugh Nester being inducted into the Alberta
    Schools Athletic Association’s Hall of Fame Athletic Director Category. I can’t think of one person, not
    presently in the Hall, more deserving to receive this special recognition than Hugh. His commitment and
    dedication to New Norway, C.A.S.A.A., and A.S.A.A. athletics were evident to everyone that met him.
    As the former athletic director at Ryley School it was an extremely easy choice to come to “the house
    that Nester built” when they shut down the high school in Ryley last year. His guidance and leadership
    was paramount, to not only my development but also, to the many athletic directors and coaches that
    he mentored during his years in high school sport. Walking through the doors to New Norway gym his
    legacy is displayed everywhere with numerous zone and provincial accomplishments, earned under his
    guidance, adorning the walls. His support and counsel to all athletes, athletic directors, and coaches, in
    my mind, makes him an ideal candidate and easy first ballot choice to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    Hugh was a pillar in Central Zone athletics starting in Rosalind in the 80’s before moving to New
    Norway in 1992 where he remained until his retirement in 2013. Hugh’s amazing dedication was felt in
    New Norway along with numerous other schools, both in the Central Zone and provincially, as he
    mentored many young athletic directors while hosting numerous zone and provincial events. He also
    served as the Golf Commissioner from 1996-2000. Further, when the A.S.A.A. hosted their first ever
    athletic director conference, which has turned into the AIAAA, Hugh was asked by Executive Director
    John Paton to present on the responsibilities of being an athletic director at a small school. John, like all
    of the athletic directors in the Central Zone, saw that Hugh was an embodiment of what a small school
    athletic director should be. Within the Central Zone many athletic directors secretly voiced that Hugh
    was “the godfather” of Central Zone High School Athletics. This was always displayed at C.A.S.A.A.
    zone meetings when side conversations always ceased when Hugh spoke up and talked about any
    range of issues. This was because of the incredible amount of respect each of the Athletic Directors
    had for him. His main philosophy is one that I, along with many athletic directors in the Central Zone,
    have followed for years. It was simply “What is the best for the kids”. This was a phrase that I heard
    Hugh say numerous times at C.A.S.A.A. meetings and zone events and many will bring up since
    Hugh’s retirement.

    The A.S.A.A. was built to provide an avenue for athletic activities in a school setting. The policy
    handbook states “While ASAA activities operate for the benefit of the students, it is the volunteers
    administering, coaching and promoting the program that are responsible for its success”. Therefore, to
    achieve the status of Hall of Fame inductee I believe an athletic director needs to not only fulfill those
    duties but more so embody them. Hugh lived and breathed the values and ideals that the A.S.A.A. have
    promoted throughout its existence. This has been evident through the countless athletic directors in the
    Central Zone that were willing to speak on his behalf.

    (Excerpts from the nomination letter written by Brent Anderson)

  • Shauna & Michael Vaughan

    This amazing team has dedicated their entire careers to this point in support of leadership and administration as a husband-and-wife team committed to Three Hills School and the province of Alberta. There is little doubt that independently neither the school nor the province would have been as well served, but together the benefits to both have been extraordinary and exponentially impressive.

    Shauna as the athletic director at the school has been outstanding in securing coaches, scheduling, budget, promotion, compliance and facility management. She has coached and filled in where required. Michael has never wavered in his instance that he would not be able to do the things provincially and nationally without Shauna providing so much in the way of leadership and support locally. On many occasions you have heard directly from Michael the strongly stated opinion that Shauna’s work as the school’s Athletic Director mean everything to him and create the window of opportunity for his work with the ASAA and CIAAA.

    While Michael has never been the athletic director and would want that light shone directly on Shauna so frequently expressing his admiration for Shauna’s work in that area, his contributions in other leadership and administration areas are worthy in their own right for induction into the Hall of Fame. Michael has been deeply involved in administration and leadership to an exemplary level for Alberta and Canada throughout his career. Michael served as the ASAA Boys Volleyball Commissioner 2007 - 2015, ASAA Zone Secretary 2017 - 2021, ASAA Executive Director of Athletics 2014- 2017. In addition to these roles Michael was largely responsible for the initiation and development of the ASAA Impact student athlete leadership conference which has grown to be a model for student leadership across the country. As is typical for Michael he would deflect on his contribution to this work highlighting the contributions of colleagues. A trailblazer in this Michael took students from Three Hills to the NFHS Student leadership conference in Indianapolis and lobbied with peers such as Heather Bartling to join him with students from her school. These efforts demonstrated his commitment to leadership development and ultimately lead to our Alberta Impact model. Additionally, Michael, once again with the support of Shauna dedicated time, experience, and effort in the development of the CIAAA both in course development and as a course instructor. Michael coached volleyball both at the high school and club level as well as officiating basketball, not doubt in further support of his favorite athletic director.

    The dynamic duo hitting above their weight, Three Hills School has hosted 2A Boys Volleyball (2003/04), 2A Girls Basketball (2004/05), 2A Boys Basketball (2004/05), 2A Girls Volleyball 2010/11 all under the direct leadership of Shauna Vaughan as Athletic Director and Michael Vaughan as lead committee member and on occasion coaching in the event. Additionally, Shauna and Michael played key roles in the 2012/13 Track and Field Provincials Organizing committee. They have packed a tremendous punch of outstanding support into just short of two decades of service to the community of Three Hills and the province of Alberta’s athletes and educators.

    Professional Affiliations
    ASAA, AVA, CIAAA, Alberta Basketball Officials Association

    Special Honours and Achievements
    Michael would say the special honour is having the support of Shauna in all he has done provincially and nationally. Shauna would say the same about Michael.

    Michael and Shauna Vaughan have achieved so much individually and together that it really does prove that 1 + 1 is so very much more than 2. Three Hills has been richly blessed, the province of Alberta and the ASAA has been rewarded many times over as a result of the synergy this dynamic duo brought to everything they did individually and collectively to positively impact athletes and coaches over the last two decades.

    Congratulations to Shauna and Michael as the Athletic Adminsitrator Hall of Fame 2021 Inductees.

    To view the presentation or photo collages please click here.


  • Alex Melnyk

    Alex spent his incredible 42 years coaching career at the same school, Vegreville Composite High School. His dedication to this school and the community is undeniable. Along with coaching, Alex held positions as the High School Athletic Director and Northeast Zone Representative for more than 20 years. These roles, along with teaching Math and Physical Education were important to him; however, his passion was in coaching volleyball. Graduating from the University of Alberta in 1979, after having played 4 years of varsity volleyball, initially with the Red Deer College Kings, followed up with two years with the Golden Bears, Alex’s coaching career began. He started a summer volleyball camp in 1980 and it is still running to this day. His commitment and dedication to teaching and developing his teams and players led him to 6 ASAA Volleyball Provincial Championships. His first championship was in 1982 (3A Girls) and he continued to produce winners in 1984 (3A Girls), 1986 (3A Girls), 1988 (2A Girls), 1999 (2A Boys) and 2007 (2A Girls). These championship teams are a direct result of hard-work, incredible leadership and having an ability to get the most out of his players.

    I am confident that Alex possesses the qualities and accomplishments that make him a worthy candidate for the ASAA Hall of Fame. He has been an incredible role model to me and every other athlete he has coached over his 42 year coaching career. The ‘never quit’ work ethic, excellent leadership qualities, superior volleyball knowledge and his ability to get the most out of his athletes, without a doubt, would make him a great addition to this exclusive club.

    (Excerpts from the nomination letter written by Grant Melnyk)

  • Rob Poole
    Rob has worked tirelessly with over 26,000 students in his roles as coach, advisor, physical education teacher, and teacher-librarian at Harry Ainlay High School! I have enjoyed becoming his close friend as we coached the Senior Men’s Volleyball Team together in our first year and won the city and provincial championships! I believe that I have enough first-hand experience to recommend Rob Poole to you as an outstanding educator and excellent role model. He is worthy in every way to become a member of the ASAA Hall of Fame.

    He excels in teaching teamwork and lifelong learning. He has positive decision-making skills. The youth he has mentored have enjoyed the opportunity to grow into mature, informed young citizens who care about the world around them and are equipped to shape their world constructively. He possesses a clear understanding of students and the pathway to success. His mastery of communication skills has brought Rob great success throughout his professional career.

    Rob is dependable, honest, enthusiastic, and creative. He is qualified in every way to be recognized as one who has had a tremendous influence for good upon our society. His maturity and poise have impressed me, especially while in the line of fire. His leadership roles have demonstrated his commitment to the team. As a friend and as a colleague, I am grateful for the professionalism Rob has displayed throughout his career and the impressive lessons of character he has taught by example. He is the consummate clutch player and everyone can lean on him without fear of rejection or ridicule.

    Rob Poole is an outstanding role model and everyone who has had the privilege of being touched by this ‘giant among men’ has appreciated his contributions to making our world a happier place to live!

    (Excerpts from the nomination letter written by Gane Olsen)


  • Roy Mills

    I have had the privilege of interacting with Mr. Mills both as an Athletic Director and a high school basketball coach and through this time he has been professional, dedicated, and enthusiastic for the game of basketball. His outstanding work ethic and interpersonal skills allow him to be not only be an elite official on the court, but also to be a leader in the sport, a mentor to younger officials and a teacher of the game, whether it is a grade 7 game or high school game. Mr. Mills is always ensuring players are educated on the game and has their development into better basketball players forefront in his intentions.

    Mr. Mills contributed greatly to the growth of the program at Lamont High School. Through his tutelage and support we were able to grow to six teams and have multiple students develop an interest in officiating which has allowed us to support his official’s association and our own programming. These aspects have proved Mr. Mills dedicated and passionate which makes referring him a pleasure.

    It is without uncertainty that I offer a strong reference for Mr. Roy Mills. He has proved to be an outstanding citizen of, not only the basketball community, but our community as well. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require additional information or clarification of any of the above observations or comments.

    (Excerpts from the nomination letter submitted by Cory Kokotailo)