2013 Hall of Fame

Athletic Administrator

  • Myron Buryn
    Myron Buryn

    Since starting his teaching career Myron has shown consistent and passionate support for high school athletics in Alberta as a teacher, coach and administrator. While coaching Myron coordinated and hosted numerous Invitational and Zone tournaments as well as the 1971 “C” Girls Basketball Provincials, 1980 Curling Provincials and the 1999 Golf Provincials. Myron has been a devoted member of the North Central zone, serving as the NCASAA President in the 1969-1970 school year, and then served as the Secretary-Treasurer of the NCASAA from 1970 to 2010, well into his retirement. Myron was responsible for introducing the Banner Sponsorship Program to the NCASAA in 1980 and is currently assisting with the banner program as well as the distribution and delivery of zone medals as a Member-at-Large of the NCASAA. Myron coordinated the hosting of the 1996 Track & Field Provincial Championship and also co-chaired the hosting of the 50th Anniversary Track & Field meet held in Edmonton.

    Myron has received many awards in the past including the Robert Routledge Award of Merit (1980), the Sports Volunteer Award in School Athletics and the Alberta Centennial Salute for Sport and Recreation from the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation, an Alberta Centennial Medal, Certificate of Recognition from Canadian School Sport Federation and the North Central Award of Merit (2008).

    “Not only did he dutifully perform his teaching and coaching duties, he RAN our North Central Zone no matter the task or request; Myron could always be counted on. He continued to serve as North Central Zone Secretary well after his retirement! Need help - registration, information, banners, medals - you could always count on Myron to satisfy - both punctually and efficiently.” ~ Gayle Lamothe, on behalf of the North Central Zone ~


  • Dianne Greenough
    Dianne Greenough

    While teaching at Victoria School for over 30 years, Dianne started teaching volleyball, then soon turned to her passion, cheerleading. Dianne was instrumental in helping to form cheerleading into an ASAA recognized sport and helped introduced cheerleading into junior high schools. While with Victoria School Dianne worked with teams in every category to be sure Victoria School was the best it could be and has won, depending on the category, 24 and 26 Cheerleading Provincial Championships.

    Dianne has received the Alberta Cheer Association’s Coaches Award for Outstanding Achievement and was named Coach of the Year at the 1992 U.S. Cheer Championships. She has had a Cheerleading Provincial Championship trophy named in her honour as well as an Edmonton Public Schools award for Community Service and Performance.

    Her passion and commitment to the sport of Cheerleading did not end when Dianne left the world of ASAA Cheerleading. Dianne is a member of and coach of Team Canada at the International Cheer Union. She is a coach on the Alberta Cheer Association and a member of the United States All Star Cheer Federations. Dianne is currently the coach of the Edmonton Eskimo Cheer team.

    “Both in the classroom and in the gym, she strives to make a difference in those he comes in contact with. Victoria School, Edmonton Public Schools and the ASAA would all be much less than what they are now, without Dianne Greenough.” ~ Neil Pearcy, Retired Teacher ~

  • Robbie McNab
    Robbie McNab

    Robbie’s success as a coach is accredited to his high standards for his student athletes and his coaches. He devotes hours to coaching his athletes and sets them up on the path for success. He earns their respect by expecting each player’s personal best. He offers structure and dedication to his players on the field and off, and unwavering encouragement for improvement while demonstrating respect and understanding for each individual. Coach McNab’s passion and enthusiasm has contributed to his reputation and ability to get maximum improvement out of all his athletes and to reach for high goals.

    As Co-Head football coach at Cochrane High School, Robbie’s accomplishments include coaching sixteen Rocky View Football league Championships, seven undefeated season, qualifying for provincial playoffs every year since 1991, and being the South Finalist for twelve year, winning the Provincial Championship eight of those years. During this time Coach McNab has had a 197-21 win-loss record with the Cobra football teams. From his football program, over twenty-five players have pursued football at the post-secondary levels, many of which have successfully joined Junior Football teams across Canada, and four of his former athletes have played in the CFL. Coach McNab has also been a member of the coaching staff when Cochrane High School won six Track & Field Provincial Championships. Robbie has also coached Basketball at Cochrane High School claiming the Zone Championship with his Junior Varsity team in 2011 and the Divisional Championship in 2012 for the first time in 33 years for Cochrane High School.

    “Most importantly, I have seen these individuals apply the lessons they have learned around Coach McNab to their school and personal lives to become more successful in school and life.” ~ Chris A. Lees, Past Principal, Cochrane High School

    “Rob has a passion for football and is one of the most competitive people that I know. He coaches to win without losing sight of good sportsmanship. He is a gracious winner and he accepts losing is part of the game. He respects players and treats them fairly.” ~ Bruce O’Neil, Cobras Co-Head Coach, Cochrane High School ~

Special Achievement

  • Parrish Tung
    Parrish Tung - Official

    Parrish has been affiliated with high school sports since he graduated from the U of A in the late 1970’s. He has officiated volleyball since then and also officiated basketball for several years. Parrish has been the Zone Officials Chairman for over the last 20 years in the Northeast and has been a direct liaison with NEASAA and attending meetings over the years.

    Though Parrish has been retired for 3-4 years he continues to officiate volleyball and organize officials for various tournaments within the zone and some schools in the north central. He also organizes the officials for zones and on many occasions for high school provincials held in the NE zone.

    What separates Parrish from many other officials is his integrity in not only his own officiating but in his organization of the zone in terms of assigning officials for league games in the various leagues within the zone, the zone tournaments and provincials. He is highly respected amongst, not only the officials, but the athletes, coaches and athletic administrators within the zone.

    Parrish was previously nominated and received the zone award of merit for NEASAA for his contributions to the zone.

    No matter what Parrish does, he wants to make the world a better place. Parrish not only found time for athletics, he was also involved in his professional organization, the ATA. He served as a local president as well as the District person in charge of pensions. He is currently the mayor of Elk Point and has held that position for many years.

  • The Ralph Family
    The Ralph Family

    The Ralph Family lead by Jim Sr. and Shelly includes their six children Jade (who did not play school sports but is a champion “clogger”), Dustin, Brock, Brett, Kenzie and Jimmy, have shown tremendous dedication to High School Athletics and have achieved many accomplishments through out their athletic and coaching careers. As coaches, Jim and Shelly encouraged their children to be active and participate in athletics. Shelly coached cheerleading at Raymond High School for 8 years; during this time her team proved good things come in threes when they won three consecutive Cheerleading Provincial Championships in 1988, 1989 and 1990. Jim Ralph’s athletic career started at Raymond High School when he played both Football and Basketball between 1971 and 1974. He then returned to Raymond High School to coach for 20 years in multiple sports, winning two Basketball Provincial Championships in 1982 and 1989, as assistant coach and head coach respectively. He was also a member of the coaching staff for 5 of Raymond High School’s Football Provincial Championship titles in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

    A passion and talent for Football must run in the Ralph Family’s veins. Dustin and Brock were the first to bring home gold medals when their team won the Tier I Football Provincial Championship in 1996. Brock went onto win the same championship in 1997 and 1998 in Tier I Football with the help of younger brother Brett both years. When Brett returned to the Provincial Championship in 1999, he played as Quarterback and Safety for the entire game, and brought home a silver medal after what was “truly one of the greatest Provincial Championships in Football history” (Rick Gilson). All three brothers went onto play football for Wyoming, and had the opportunity to play one of the seasons as a whole group. Brock and Brett later went onto play in the CFL, each of them winning a Grey Cup with the Edmonton Eskimos and the Calgary Stampeders respectively. Dustin went onto join the coaching staff at Raymond High School where he had the opportunity to coach the youngest of the family, Jimmy. The two of them added to the family legacy with the Raymond Comets’ three consecutive Tier I Football Provincial Championships in 2008, 2009 and 2010. The 2008 Championship was one just days before Brett’s Grey Cup win, a very exciting weekend for the Ralph Family. Jimmy has since gone onto play for the Calgary Colts, where they have hold down the #1 ranking in the Canadian Junior Football League for most of the 2012 season.

    Football wasn’t the only sport this family excelled in. All five children played Basketball, with Dustin, Brett and Brock bringing home silver medals from 4A Basketball Provincial Championships while under the guidance of Coach and Father Jim Ralph. Jimmy was part of two 4A Basketball Provincial Championship teams in 2009 and 2011, going 5 for 6 of the Provincial Championships he attended. Brock and Brett also attended Track & Field Provincial Championships, bringing home three gold medals between the two of them.

    Sister Kenzie, is not to be forgotten, throughout high school she competed on Basketball, Volleyball and Rugby teams with Raymond High School, bringing home a silver medal from the 2006 Tier II Girls Rugby Provincial Championship. She later went onto to win two Canadian University championships in Rugby.

    “I believe the ASAA would be well served by inducting the Jim and Shelly Ralph family of children representing a total of 16 Provincial Championships they placed on in Football, Basketball, Track & Field, and several more as coaches. I don’t believe it is an overstatement to suggest this family from little Raymond, Alberta, is one of the Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association’s greatest families in high school athletic history and that is Hall of Fame worthy.”

    ~ Rick Gilson, ASAA Football Commissioner ~

    “The fact that they all came from the same family is amazing but the fact that they also came from a school ¼ the size of the lowest end Tier I qualification makes it even more striking. Collectively they boys were a part of nine championships at the highest level of high school football in Alberta coming from a school smaller then most Tier IV schools.”

    ~ Tim Enger, Technical Director, Football Alberta ~