ASAA Sportsmanship Athlete of the Month

To be awarded monthly to (an) athlete(s) that displays a measure of sportsmanship above and beyond that required by his/her attitude, demeanor, and treatment of fellow competitors, teammates, coaches and officials. The athlete demonstrates the acceptance of victory or the acceptance of defeat graciously.

Nominations will be accepted from Officials, Coaches, Athletic Directors, Spectators, and Athletes. Ideally, a player would not be nominated by their home school.

Some key characteristics of an ASAA Sportsmanship Athlete of the Month would be:

  • Has an understanding of, and appreciation for, the rules of the game
  • Demonstrates sportsmanlike qualities during competition (games, tournaments, events, etc)
  • Openly recognizes and appreciates skilled performance regardless of which team that has performed.
  • Exhibits respect for the officials at all times
  • Openly displays respect for opponents
  • Displays pride in his/her actions at every opportunity
  • Is a role model for the values of ethics and integrity
  • Exemplifies the true spirit of interscholastic athletic competition
Please be as specific as possible. Please include examples of specific incident during the event that relate to the above criteria … How did the athlete demonstrate the criteria? How did the athlete demonstrate the display of sportsmanship that goes above and beyond?