Joint School Team Requests

Attached below is the Joint School Team Request form, as well as the Joint School Team Guiding Principles.

The “Guiding Principles” will be used by the Zone executives and the ASAA Compliance Officer to decide whether or not to approve the request of Principals to have a joint school team. The Guiding Principles do not apply to distributed learning or home education schools or students and are subject to the discretion of the Compliance Officer.

How to request an ASAA Joint School Team for 2021-22

  1. Complete the ASAA Joint School Team request form
  2. Submit the completed form to the Zone secretary or Zone secretaries by email for review.
  3. If approved by the Zone(s), the Zone(s) will forward the request to the ASAA Compliance Officer by email.
  4. The ASAA Compliance Officer will review the application and inform the schools and Zone(s) of the final decision.
  5. If the team is approved, the school must register the joint school team in the SRS in accordance with the information in the guiding principles document.

*This process will become electronic within the SRS in 2022-23