Permission to Travel Form


As per ASAA policy:

ASAA member schools traveling to an out of province or country event must ensure that the event in question is sanctioned by the ASAA through its respective counterpart (Province/State) via being posted to the ASAA website. Further, such schools must complete a “Travel Permission” form at least 30 days in advance of the event. Failure to complete this form at least 30 days prior to travel will result in a $200 late “Travel Permission” fee.

Please find below the ASAA Travel Permission Electronic Form. If you have any questions please contact

This must be the key contact person who is physically attending the event. If multiple, separate by commas.
Number must be reachable during entirety of time away while traveling.
I hereby confirm that my School Principal is aware of this event and has authorized our team to travel for the purpose of participating at the event outlined above. I have read the ASAA Sanction Policy (Found In the 2019-20 ASAA Policy Handbook) and am aware that failure to comply with the policy could result in possible sanctions against my school.