4A Boys & Girls Provincial Volleyball Registration Form


Congratulations on making it to the ASAA provincial championship tournament! Fill out this form to register your team in the tournament.

Coach and Roster information will automatically be submitted from the SRS so please ensure your team photo and player information is included in your team info there. Click here to log in and update that information.

Registration fee: $515
Banquet ticket cost: $27.50

Once you have completed this form, ASAA staff will be notified to appoint your team as a provincial team. You will be required to log into SRS and upload a team photo if you have not already done so, as well as click on “Edit Roster” and confirm the players on your roster are actually attending provincials. This is also where you can list position, jersey number, and height for inclusion in the championship program.

Please bring your cheque for $515+$27.50 per banquet ticket +$1(Loonie Fee) per athlete to the tournament made payable to the host school.

NB If you are registering a boys team AND a girls team you will need to fill this form out twice - once per team.

This tournament includes Boys and Girls teams. Which tournament are you registering for?
This must be someone who is present at the tournament and can be your head coach.
Banquet Ticket Cost: $27.50 each
How many student-athletes are on your team? Please add $1 per athlete to your registration.
Please tell us as much as you can about your team, school and community. (what league do you play in, how did you finish, tournament highlights, overall record, tell us about your school and community) The more information we have the more interesting the program will be.