Notice Regarding ASAA Live Streaming of Provincial Championships

October 27, 2016

Three years ago ASAA first partnered with SportsCanada.TV to offer a streamlined live streaming experience for all provincial championships. Since then we’ve continued to stream more and more of our provincial championships online and viewers from across the world have tuned in to watch our championship events live.
We’ve seen a great buy-in from our schools and some tremendous examples of highly polished productions.

It has become an expectation of our hosts to stream more and more games each year and this has not come without its costs, such as camera/terminal rentals and costs of commentators/play by play, etc… Historically the provincial host schools’ have had to bear all of these costs themselves - as of 2016-17 however, ASAA will be moving to a pay-for-access model for provincial championship live streaming, in turn eliminating the cost to hosts of the camera/terminal rentals.

Fees for viewers will be structured as follows

$10 for one day’s access.
$15 for one month access
$30 for one (calendar) year access.

Streams will continue to be accessible via link on provincial championship websites and