Sports Information

The Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association is a voluntary, non profit organization that has been established to coordinate a program of worthwhile athletic activities for the young people of Alberta in an educational setting. The membership, currently 371 high schools, ultimately determines the policy of the Association through representation on the provincial Board of Governors.

The Association holds two meetings annually, typically in May and December. The Executive Committee, comprised of President, Past President or Vice President, Executive Member at Large, Male and Female Athletic Directors, and the Executive Director, is responsible for the management of the ASAA on a day to day basis.

Although ASAA activities operate for the benefit of the students, it is the volunteers administering, coaching and promoting the program that are responsible for its success. Over 8000 school personnel in Alberta donate their time and talent to ensure that the school athletic program will provide enjoyable, positive athletic experiences for their students.

ASAA Bylaws and Policy are intended to provide direction in the areas of equitable competition and ethical standards for all involved with the program. Technical expertise is provided through appointed commissioners and close liaison with provincial sports governing bodies.

The Association’s main source of funds are as follows: Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation (lottery funds) through the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture; membership fees; fund-raising (casinos); and corporate assistance. The majority of this funding is distributed in the following areas: transportation and officiating costs for provincial competitions; delegate expenses to meetings; publications and rule books; medals and trophies; office administration - postage, printing, telephones, supplies etc.; and staff salaries and benefits.

Over the past 56 years the ASAA has served as a communications medium for Alberta high schools. The opportunity for teachers and coaches to exchange information and for the students to travel province wide to engage in friendly athletic competition is a valuable educational experience for all participants.

Currently the ASAA:

  • distributes yearbooks that have been published annually since 1967
  • provides athletic opportunities in 12 different activities
  • has a membership of 371 high schools
  • provides equal opportunities for male and female athletes
  • supports 33 provincial championships, directly involving over 8,000 participants in 12 activities annually
  • provides e-newsletters, policy handbooks, activity calendars, rulebooks, scorepads, competition host handbooks and other resources to member schools
  • maintains an active and regularly updated website
  • financially supports the Alberta Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (AIAAA), an organization created in 2008/09 to coordinate a professional association, education and certification program for school athletic directors
  • launched an online coach education program in September 2011