Sport Academies and "Prep" programs at High School: Friend or Foe?

October 28, 2019
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Sport Academies and “Prep” programs at High School: Friend or Foe?

In the spring Newsletter of the ASAA, current Executive Committee member and a Past-President of the Association wrote an article outlining the importance of families being adequately guided when choosing to send their child to a sport academy program or Prep School program.

With the Basketball season starting this coming Friday (Nov. 1), it is a good time to review Tim’s comments. Please share with parents of your students, especially in the sport of basketball where a growing number of Prep school programs are being created across Canada and the impact of participating in such a program on a student’s ASAA eligibliity. The article also relates to basketball and football programs available in the U.S.

Please view the article here: