Transfer policy interpretation after 12-months of no participation Memo

April 7, 2021
ASAA News and Information

Dear ASAA Member Schools:

The ASAA office has received several inquiries from members who are seeking additional clarification on how the pandemic will impact student athletic eligibility. The purpose of this memo is to clarify ASAA transfer policy intent. The following excerpt is found in Section IV - Eligibility, 11. Transfer Policy, B., i., page 49 (2021-21 policy handbook):

Accepted reasons for approving eligibility for transfer students:
If a student has not participated in any activity which is the same as an activity sponsored by the ASAA in their previous school for a period of 12 consecutive months before the date of transfer the receiving school’s principal may use this reason to request approval of the student’s eligibility. The receiving school’s principal must use the online application procedures set forth in the SRS system. (A procedure guideline is available online.)

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