Unified Welcome Back Bingo

October 4, 2022
ASAA News and Information

Unified is hosting its first Virtual Event of the 2022-2023 School Year!

Welcome Back Bingo!

Rules: 1) A school can submit more than one team 2) There are no max number of students on a team but there has to be at least one athlete and one partner per team 3) Students must be in grades 9-12 4) Teams may submit more than one photo or video per space to gain extra points 5) All videos/pictures submitted can be shared in ASAA and SOA publications. If you need an exemption to this please email emily@asaa.ca

How to Enter: 1) Create an Unified Team 2) Get a picture or video of your team completing one of the spaces 3) Send this picture or video along with your team members and team name to emily@asaa.ca

Prizes for 1) First Bingo Submitted 2) Most Creative Picture 3) Most Points Awarded

Contact Emily Lines @ emily@asaa.ca with any questions you have

Click the link below for full contest rules