Registration & Coach Information

Coaching meeting will be via conference call on Wednesday, November 21, at 8:00 PM.

Team Registration will be completed via the ASAA Football Championship Website.
Step 1: Download and complete the ASAA Provincial Roster Form and save it as an Excel File.
Step 2: Fill out the ASAA Provincial Championship Registration Form online. You will need to upload your ASAA Provincial roster form to the registration form.
Step 3: Your school Athletic Director will need to ensure that your team roster is updated in the Sport Registration System (SRS) and indicates which athletes will be attending provincials. A team photo should be added in the SRS.
Note: Each finalist school will be sent an invoice from the ASAA office in the amount of $550 + $1 Loonie Fee per Athlete. Please do NOT bring a cheque to the Alberta Bowl. The deadline to register is Monday, November 18, 2019 at noon. If you have any difficulties with registration, please contact Joel Bundock 780-427-8182

As per ASAA Policy Section XIV.6.A, each team participating in provincial playoffs will be charged an entry fee as follows:
Quarterfinalists: $275
Semifinalists: add $175 to QF fee for a total of $450
Finalists: add $100 to SF fee for a total of $550
Entry Fees are charged as cost recovery only for officials.
Please do NOT bring a cheque with you to Alberta Bowl; the ASAA office will send invoices to all teams at the end of the season.

All SOUTH teams are the designated Home teams, as per annual rotation.
All SOUTH teams get preference of which colour they are going to wear.
The SOUTH teams have until the Monday leading up to the Alberta Bowl, to decide what colour they will be wearing and must inform the ASAA office so that the office can communicate & coordinate that with the other teams, so as to avoid any conflicts with jersey colours.
For 2019, the Southern Alberta Champions at each level will be considered the home team.
The home team will be expected to wear their home colors for the game while the visitors are expected to wear their white jerseys.
If there is a concern with this (i.e. the home team wants to wear white or teams only
have one jersey) home teams will have until Monday at noon to declare their intentions.
Teams who do not comply will be subject to disciplinary action from the ASAA Executive Committee.

You can take the field whenever you like for warm-up within 1 hour of your game time if you are the first game of the day. If you have a game preceding, you please wait until the conclusion of the Awards Ceremony for that game prior to taking the field for warm-up unless otherwise directed. The clock will be set to run to 0:00 approximately two minutes prior to the scheduled start of your game. With 10:00 left on the clock prior to your game, please return to your dressing room. At 0:00 you will be expected to have your team lined up in numerical order in the walkway leading to the field. Visiting team will line up first with the home team lined up behind them. Please follow the Field Controllers instructions from there. The Visiting Team will be announced first. All players will be announced. When they are announced, players are expected to run down the sidelines to their respective 45 yard line where they will turn and run up that line until their entire team is out. Then the home team follows suit. DO NOT GO TO YOUR BENCH.
Teams will stand on their respective 45 yard lines facing each other. From there, the officials will hold the Captains meeting. Home team calls the coin flip. Captains will then return to the 45 yard lines for the playing of the National Anthem that will start when the head referee takes off his hat.
Play Ball!

Immediately following the game, save any post-game discussions for the locker room. Please give a quick three cheers for your opponent then shake hands.
Demonstrate Sportsmanship - As disappointing as it may be to lose a game of this nature, please keep in mind the bigger picture and continue with the post-game protocol rather than leaving the field. Teams who do not follow the post-game protocol will be fined. Following the shaking of hands, please line up on your respective 45 yard lines with helmets off The silver medals will be presented first. After the medals are handed out, the captains of the silver medalist team will step forward to receive the finalist plaques. Note that the silver medalists are expected to remain on the field for the presentation of the gold medals. The gold medals will be presented next. The captains will be called forward to receive the plaques and banner. Once complete the winning team will have its picture taken while the silver medal team may leave the field at its leisure.
* NOTE - If the weather is -15, at the discretion of the ASAA representatives present in consultation with the host committee, the medals will not be presented to each individual but rather the head coach to be given out in the change room.

The Grievance and Discipline committee serve two key functions at the ASAA Provincials. The first function is to deal with matters that occur during competition, typically discipline/conduct types of issues, and appeals that may arise from ejections; while the second function is to handle any other matters that arise that require dispute resolution. The Alberta Bowl Grievance & Discipline Committee will be made up of the Tournament Chair/Designate, ASAA Football Commissioner/staff member, Head Official or designate, school administrator, two coaches that are not in conflict, and a member of the ASAA Executive Committee.


Please refer to the 2019-2020 ASAA Policy Handbook; excerpted below:

1. Fair Play and Sportsmanship
All competitions must be conducted with a high standard of courtesy, fair play and sportsmanship. All those involved share this responsibility.

A. Coaches
The coaches must demonstrate qualities of courtesy and good sportsmanship. These are evidenced by proper acceptance of officials’ judgment, positive encouragement of player performance and bench behaviour.

B. Athletes
Athletes must demonstrate qualities of courtesy and good sportsmanship by proper acceptance of officials’ judgment and by showing proper respect for opposing athletes as well as for teammates.

C. Cheerleaders
Cheerleaders must demonstrate courtesy and good sportsmanship by the appropriateness and timeliness of the cheers they lead, respect for the other cheerleaders and athletes, and their attempts at effective crowd control.

D. Spectators

  1. Spectators, both student and adult, must demonstrate courtesy and good sportsmanship by positive cheers of encouragement for their team, not against the opposing team. This is evidenced by the absence of booing and vulgarities. Spectators must also show proper acceptance of officials’ judgment. Artificial noisemakers are not permitted during provincial championship tournaments/ event including: badminton, basketball, cheerleading, curling, golf, team handball, track & field, volleyball and wrestling. With the exception of air horns and electronic megaphones, noisemakers are permitted at cross country, football and rugby. Prohibited noisemakers may include but are not limited to: air horns, cow bells, plastic tube horns, garbage can lids, etc. The provincial championship host shall have the authority to eject from the competition facility individuals who, following a warning, refuse to comply with this requirement.
  2. Eviction for Inappropriate Language and/or Behaviour

The Executive Committee or its host/designated representative shall have authority to direct any person to immediately leave any premises or venue hosting any ASAA sanctioned event if that person:

  1. exhibits rude or abusive behaviour to any other person
  2. uses vulgar, obscene or abusive language and/or gestures
  3. fails to promptly follow any reasonable direction given to that person by the designated representative of the ASAA.
  1. The Executive Committee or its designated representative shall have the authority to notify local law enforcement personnel of the failure of any person to immediately comply with a direction to leave any premises or venue hosting any ASAA sanctioned event.

E. Administrators and Teachers
Administrators and teachers must demonstrate courtesy and good sportsmanship by their positive examples.

2. Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Cannabis

  1. The ASAA is unequivocally opposed to athletes using any banned substance as identified by Sport Canada. It is equally opposed to the use of such substances by individuals in a position of leadership in school sport (i.e., coaches, trainers, managers, and administrators). In addition, the ASAA is opposed to any illegal and/or unethical physiological manipulation, such as blood doping or hormones, employed for the purpose of performance enhancement.
  2. The ASAA prohibits athletes possessing/consuming any alcoholic beverage while involved in ASAA activities. It is opposed to the use of such substances by individuals in a position of leadership in school sport (i.e., coaches, trainers, managers, or administrators) while involved in ASAA activities.
  3. The ASAA prohibits athletes, coaches/teacher sponsors and any other individuals in a position of leadership such as trainers, managers, administrators from smoking/vaping any substance and/or using spit tobacco on-site while involved in ASAA activities. Vaping refers to any device used to vaporize a substance for initiation including but not limited to e-cigarettes, pocket vaporizers, pen vaporizers, box mod vaporizers or any similar products. This applies to all activities held on school property and rented community facilities for events such as rugby, track and field, football, golf, cross country running or other sports as required.
  4. ASAA Provincial Championship hosts reserve the right to eject from the championship facility any person violating the above conditions regarding substance use. If necessary this may involve the host school calling the appropriate authorities to enforce removal.
  5. Violations of the above policy will be addressed under the ASAA’s Discipline and Misconduct Policy.

Please refer to the 2019-2020 ASAA Policy Handbook for any Football related policies.