Spectator Information

Tournament Admission:
$10.00 General Admission ($15.00 Weekend Pass - valid for both days of competition)
$5.00 Student Admission (Gr. 7-12) (valid for both days of competition)
FREE Ages 10 and under

Parking is available at the North Hill Community Curling Club prior to 1 pm Friday, and during the tournament, there is parking in the Student/Visitor Parking off 11th Avenue. As well, street parking for roads in close proximity to the school have had the parking rules “relaxed” for the purpose of this tournament, so there should NOT be ticketing of cars during the tournament.
Bus Zones:
NOTE: Parking of buses is permitted in the North Hill Community Curling Club off of 11th Ave. Drop-offs can be made at the front door.

Concessions will be available throughout the tournament. The concession is located just outside of the gymnasium in Sam’s Snack Shack.


Water: $1
Juice (apple and orange): $2
Gatorade: $3
Chocolate Milk: $2

Fruit: $3
Veggies and dip: $2
Cliff bars: $1
Yogurt tubes: $1
Chips: $1
Real fruit gummies: $2
Popcorn: $1
Smoothie: $4

Meal Choices:
Mac and cheese: $4
Buddha bowls: $5
Hotdogs: $2
Bacon and Egger: $5
Taco in a bag: $5

Baked Goods:
Variety of muffins: $3
Cookies: $1
Cinnamon buns: $2