Emergency Action Plan

Please follow and respect the policies and procedures of this Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

While R.F. Staples Secondary School does everything possible to prevent injuries and accidents at the school, there is still potential for serious accident and injury in any athletic event. If a serious injury occurs, time becomes critical. Subsequently, the implementation of this EAP must be adhered to while in attendance at R.F. Staples Secondary School events.

Persons in Charge

  • Administrator in Charge - Mr. Wayne Rufiange 780-232-8276
  • Tournament Co-Chairs - Mrs. Kendall Ducharme 780-307-1744 and Mr. Wade Hicks 780-213-0969
  • Teacher Supervisors - Mrs. Leanne Huppertz 780-349-0276 and Mr. Kyle Beattie 780-206-5953

First person on scene of accident

  • Assess injury status of a player (particularly head and/or spinal injuries).
  • Contact Person in Charge as soon as possible.
  • If an ambulance and paramedics are required the Person in Charge will call 911 if he/she deems it necessary and it hasn’t been done yet.
R.F. Staples Secondary School
10015 104 Street
Westlock, AB
Phone 780-349-4454
Westlock Rotary Spirit Centre
9603 100 Street
Westlock, AB
Phone 780-349-6654
  • Person in Charge will take control of an emergency situation until a medical authority arrives.
  • Document the events of the accident and file a written report if necessary.

Calling Person in Charge

  • Call Person in Charge (Administrator or Teacher supervisor or Teacher at score table) is responsible for making the 911 telephone call. Teacher supervisors and Teacher at score table are required to have a cell phone on their person while attending an athletic event while at R.F. Staples or Spirit Centre.
  • Stay in constant communication with the medical provider and the Person in Charge.
  • Contact Tournament Chair. Tournament Chair is responsible for having his/her cell phone number available to the call Person in Charge.
  • Assist the Person in Charge with the filing of Accident Report if requested.

Control Person

  • The Teacher supervisor and/or other Teachers at the score table are responsible for controlling the crowd and other participants.
  • After the area is secured and controlled, the Teacher supervisor will act as the guide for emergency personnel outside of the building to ensure expedient access to the victim.
  • Seek highly trained medical personnel in the building if the Person in Charge believes the injury is serious and cannot wait for emergency assistance to arrive.
  • In consultation with the Person in Charge, Tournament Chair (if necessary) and game Officials the continuation of play will be determined.

Location of Medical Facilities

Westlock Healthcare Centre
10220 93 Street, Westlock, AB
Phone 780-349-3301

Fire Drills and Building Evacuation

General Information

  1. 1. Fire drills are compulsory. We are obligated to hold at least three in the fall and three in the spring, under a variety of conditions.
  2. 2. When an alarm sounds, you cannot be certain if it is a drill, a real fire or a different emergency in some part of the school; therefore, for safety you are to leave whatever you are doing and exit the building quickly and quietly.

Informing Students of Procedures and Regulations

  • Teachers are to ensure that students are aware of procedures and regulations in regards to fire drills and evacuations.
  • Procedures and evacuation routes should be posted in each classroom.

Responsibilities of Staff and Students


  1. 1. Staff shall advise all classes of evacuation routes and procedures, and ensure that these are posted in all rooms.
  2. 2. When the fire alarm sounds, staff members in charge of a class, at the time will, direct students to stop working and have them exit according to the evacuation route. As students are leaving the room, the teacher will take the class attendance sheet for a student count. The teacher will make certain that all windows and doors are shut. Doors should not be locked! Lights should be left on!
  3. 3. When the alarm sounds, the teacher must check to see if the evacuation route is safe. Once the teacher has decided upon a safe route, students evacuate the building while the teacher closes the door and follows the class.
  4. 4. When the students are outside the building in the designated area, the teacher will take attendance and remain with the class until re-entry is permitted. Any students not present for attendance are to be reported. A runner will report attendance to the secretaries, who will be located across from the Bus entrance doors.
  5. 5. When an all clear is indicated with 3 bells, the teacher will accompany students back to the classroom for resumption of instruction.


  1. 1. Students are not to pick up any possessions from lockers when leaving classrooms and the building.
  2. 2. Students will proceed as quickly and quietly as possible, without running or undue conversation.
  3. 3. When at the designated evacuation stations, students will assist in roll call. Students are to remain with their teacher at the station. Students are not to re-enter the building or leave the school grounds without the teacher’s consent.
  4. 4. Students re-enter the building as directed by the teacher.

Other Stations

  1. 1. Any students in washrooms are to exit through the nearest exit and rejoin classes as indicated below.