Team Results, Congratulations to the Winners of the ASAA Banners

1A - Parkland Immanuel (Edmonton)
2A - Peace River (North West)
3A - Cochrane (South Central)
4A - Medicine Hat (South)

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* The ASAA Awards Area will be located on the southeast side of the facility. Look for the big white event tent; yellow ASAA tent and podium.
* ASAA medals will be presented to the gold, silver and bronze recipients.
* All medalists will be required to sign for their medals to ensure that we have accurate distribution of medals as well as accuracy of names for award winners.
* Presentations will occur throughout both days following the posting of the results. The three medal winners will report to the Awards Area following their event.
* All gold medal competitors in individual and relay event(s) will have their photograph(s) taken immediately after the conclusion of their awards presentation. Pictures will be taken with the athlete(s) wearing the champion t-shirt and the medal(s) awarded by the ASAA. Please remind your athletes that baseball caps, hats of any style, sunglasses, warm up suits etc. are not to be worn during the photograph. Photos will take place at the awards area.
* Unified: Medals will be distributed to individual athletes for each of the three events and a banner will be presented to the overall team winner.
* Team photos for 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and Unified school champions will be taken at the conclusion of the meet.


Results will be live on both days and can be found at
There will be QR codes posted around the facility for easy access to follow all results.