Spectator Info


Day Pass Tournament Pass
Adult $10.00 Adult $20.00
Student/Senior $5.00 Student/Senior $10.00
Under 10 Free
Programs $5.00

Fan Expectations
Spectators, both student and adult, must demonstrate courtesy and good sportsmanship by positive cheers of encouragement for their team, not against the opposing team. This is evidenced by the absence of booing and vulgarities. Spectators must also show proper acceptance of officials’ judgment.

Artificial noisemakers are not permitted during provincial championship tournaments/events. These noisemakers may include but are not limited to: air horns, cow bells, plastic tube horns, garbage can lids, etc. The provincial championship host shall have the authority to eject from the competition facility individuals who, following a warning, refuse to comply with this requirement.

A concession will be available for the duration of the tournament. Both hot and cold foods will be available.

Gimmics is the official sponsor and supplier of ASAA apparel. Below are the locations & times where the ASAA apparel will be sold:
Gimmic Reps will be setting up Thursday afternoon (Nov. 26) and may have the opportunity to sell a few items then. Clothing items will be available all day Friday (9am - 8:00pm) and Saturday (9am - 2:30pm) at St. Mary’s School.
Gimmics will offer a variety of souvenir clothing (sweat pants, sweaters, t-shirts, etc.) with prices ranging from $25 - $60.
Additional costs for lettering. Gimmics will be located

School Rules:
On Thursday and Friday school is in session. Please be courteous and respectful of these students and classes.

  • No street shoes allowed on the gym playing surface.
  • Volleyballs are to be used only in the gym.
  • No food or drink in the gymnasium.
  • Music will be provided for warm-up. Please do not ask to play your music.
  • No changing uniforms at courtside.