Spectator Information

ASAA Spectator Code of Conduct

Spectators, both student and adult, must demonstrate courtesy and good sportsmanship by positive cheers of encouragement for their team, not against the opposing team. This is evidenced by the absence of booing and vulgarities.
Spectators must also show proper acceptance of officials’ judgment.
Artificial noisemakers are not permitted during provincial championship tournaments/events. These noisemakers may include but are not limited to: air horns, cowbells, plastic tube horns, garbage can lids, etc. The provincial championship host shall have the authority to eject from the competition facility individuals who, following a warning, refuse to comply with this requirement.
The Executive Committee or its host/designated representative shall have the authority to direct any person to immediately leave any premises or venue hosting any ASAA sanctioned event if that person:
1. exhibits rude or abusive behavior to any other person
2. uses vulgar, obscene or abusive language and/or gestures
3. fails to promptly follow an reasonable direction given to that person by the designated representative of the ASAA